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Cowin App: How to register on the Cowin portal?


What is the Cowin App?

Cowin App: Due to limited Covid vaccination slots and the number of vaccinators being in crores, online registration has been arranged. Two mediums have been provided for online registration.
First – CoWIN portal. (
Second- Arogya Setu App. The CoWIN app is integrated into it.

You can register both by the CoWIN portal and the Arogya Setu app. Covid vaccination registration can also be done through the CoWIN app available on the Google Play Store. Here we will tell you how to register with the online CoWIN portal …

How to online register on CoWIN portal?

First, you have to enter address in the browser.

After this, a page will open in which the Register Yourself button will appear on the right. You have to click on it.

A new page will open again. Now in this, you have to fill in your mobile number and click on the Get OTP button. You will get an OTP via SMS on the mobile number you have filled. Fill that OTP in the OTP column.

After filling OTP, a registration page will open.

Now on this page here, you have to fill in your photo ID type (Aadhaar Card / Voter ID Card), your number with your full name. In addition, you will also have to fill in your gender and age information.

If you are a senior citizen, click on the Register button and click on the No button on the next popup.

If you fall in the category of co-morbidity, when clicking on the register when asked “Do you have any comorbidities (pre-existing medical conditions)”, then you have to click on Yes.

You will get an SMS after the registration process is completed.

In this message, you will be informed about the place and date of vaccination.

You have to show this message by going to the vaccination center on the specified date.

You will have to bring your ID card (which you had filled at the time of registration) to the vaccination center. Your identity card will be checked there.

After this, you will get the vaccine and the data will be uploaded online.

After the vaccination, you will get a message for the second dose.

The center will have to remain in the center for 30 minutes to check for the side effects of the vaccine.

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