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Needle Man Arun Bajaj: The only painter in the world who creates very beautiful pictures with a sewing machine

Needle Man Arun Kumar Bajaj

Needle Man Arun Bajaj (The Worlds Only Sewing Machine Painter)-There are so many well-known painters in the world, whose photographs are unique and wonderful as well as being famous all over the world. He has depicted his art and emotions as photographs on canvas through colors. You must have seen pictures of many such painters, on seeing which we have no words to say in praise of him.

Today we are going to tell you about one such painter who paints his art with thread and needle instead of colors. These are the only humans and painters in the world who make beautiful pictures with a sewing machine. He has got the title of the world’s only ‘Needle Man‘. Also, he is known as the only ‘Needle Man‘ in the world, because his embroidery makes such beautiful pictures with a sewing machine that no one can make. Arun Bajaj (Arun Kumar Bajaj Thread work Artist) is the only artist in the world who creates unique and incredible paintings with sewing machines and thread, which will surprise everyone.

Arun Bajaj – Biography and Achievements

His name is “Arun Bajaj“, he hails from Patiala city in Punjab. Arun’s life has been difficult and full of difficulties. His (Arun Ji) childhood was spent struggling in poverty. His father was a tailor and he had his own tailor shop in a nearby market, which he used to run himself. Arun Ji was weak in reading but he was very fond of art. He wanted to become a famous painter. In his class, he used to make sketching (painting) of children in his class.

Arun bajaj sewing machine artist

Needle Man Arun Kumar Bajaj Thread work Artist- When Arun Bajaj was 12 years old, his father started taking him with him regularly to the shop, where Arun Ji started learning his father’s work. At the behest of his father, Arun Bajaj started learning embroidery. Arun Bajaj wanted to do something different and different in this embroidery and sewing work. At the same time, Arun Bajaj wanted to completely change the thinking of the society and the people that “this is the tailor’s Son” and wanted to create a different identity so that people would not see him as a “son of a tailor”.

37-year-old The Needle Man Arun Bajaj‘s life became even more difficult when his father accidentally died. At that time, Arun Ji was only 16 years old. At the age of just 16, a mountain of mushrooms broke over him. After the death of his father, all the responsibility of the shop and the house fell on him because there was no one in his family apart from his father. He opened his shop 13 days after his father’s death and started handling his father’s shop. For this, they had to leave their studies. The father’s sudden death broke his dream of making him a famous painter. However, he never let this talent inside him die and today he is making the world crazy with his unique skills. (The Needle Man Arun Kumar Bajaj The Worlds Only Sewing Machine Painter)

Sewing Machine Artist Arun Bajaj continued to work hard day and night with hard work and dedication. With his constant hard work and perseverance, Arun Bajaj made his own image inside the city of Patiala. His work was such a clan that he started getting orders from big singers to make Dresses. Arun Bajaj’s fate and poverty began to change soon. But they say! Not that “As long as you want to take the fate, you have to walk with it.”

Arun Bajaj – Paintings and Achievements

Something similar happened with Arun Bajaj. Suddenly one night when Arun Bajaj is sleeping, “Guru Nanak Dev Ji” comes into his dream and Arun Ji also sees that he is making his picture (ported) with his sewing machine. Waking up the next morning, he started trying to turn his dream into reality. After 8 days of hard work, finally, Arun Bajaj Guru Nanak Dev Ji makes a picture and gets it ready. His passion was well received by the people and he received a lot of love from the people. After getting success in this work, Arun Bajaj decided to do similar artwork with his sewing machine.

Arun Bajaj Krishna Portrait -Then he decided to make a picture of Lord Krishna. The day was the biggest day of his life when he completed the picture of Lord Krishna. Because it took them 3 years to make it. It took 1 year to make the picture of Shri Krishna (from the feet to the face) and it took about 2 years to make his (background). In this way, it took him 3 years to make this picture. It is the first such picture in the world made from a sewing machine. 28 lakhs, 36 thousand meters of thread, and 3545 reels have been used to make the picture of Lord Krishna. (Arun Kumar bajaj painting Krishna)

This picture, made by Arun Bajaj, is the longest thread in the world which has 5-word records. (World Records India, Guinness World Records, Unique World Records Ltd., Limca Book of Records, India Book of Records). Today, this picture is worth about 1 crore rupees.
Even after this, he continued to make further photographs. His major photographs, (Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s court, pm Shri Narendra Modi Ji photo, President Shri Ramnath Kovind Ji’s picture) are also included.
Arun Bajaj is now know by the whole world as “Needle Man”.

Memorable moments of Arun Kumar Bajaj

Arun bajaj Patiyala – The most memorable moment in memorable moments of Arun Kumar Bajaj’s life is the meeting of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and President Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji.
Arun Bajaj Ji says that when he was called to meet the Prime Minister, he was very surprise and shock. After meeting the Prime Minister, he was also given a citation.

On 3 January 2020, he met with the President in which the President presented him with a gift, a watch, and a pen, along with a citation, and wished him a bright future. He also promised to place the picture made by him in the abode of Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Friends, today Arun Bajaj is so adept at this art that he makes a picture of people with hard work on clothes. He has mastered this art with 25 years of hard work and dedication. That is when the world today calls him by the name of “Needle Man”.

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