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Oatmeal (oats) are making you fat?


Many people believe that oatmeal (oats) are very beneficial for health. That is why they consume oats. Although there are many benefits of eating oatmeal (oats), if you are making some mistakes while eating them, then it can prove to be harmful to you.

oatmeal (oats) is known as a healthy food because it eliminates the bad cholesterol in our body and also has the properties to fight diabetes. That’s why most nutritionists consider it the best food for weight loss.

It is true that fiber and many essential nutrients are found in plenty of oats. Good fat and protein are found in oats more than other grains. Oats contain phosphorus and zinc, as well as elements like vitamin-B, manganese, and iron. Consuming 40 grams of oats gives us about 142 calories.

So we were talking here that even after eating oats, if you are gaining weight, then be careful. It is possible that you are making some such mistakes while eating oats, which you need to know very much about. You can control your body weight according to your age and height through BMI.

So let’s look at some such minor mistakes to take Oatmeal (Oats).

1: Consuming Instant Oats:

Sometimes we use pre-packaged oats available in the market to save our time. We can only save our time with pack oats, but there is no guarantee that your weight will be reduced by using it. It is said that instant oats contain zero calories and do not contain sugar. Whereas in reality, they contain many dyes, sodium, and inflammatory vegetable oils which increase our weight.

2: Excess sugar intake in oats:

It is true that taking oats in the morning breakfast is very beneficial, but if you eat sugar by adding oats, then it will start accumulating fat in your body and you will also gain weight. You can add honey and finely chopped fruits instead of sugar in oats. By doing this there will be no possibility of your weight gain.

3: Protein deficiency in oats:

Oats contain 30 grams of carbohydrates. To make it a balanced diet, it is necessary to add a sufficient amount of protein to it. Protein controls your blood sugar level.

4: Excess use of oats:

This statement is absolutely correct that “Nothing is good.” Suppose oats are a beneficial thing, but we should also take it in balanced quantities. We need a balanced diet to be healthy rather than overeating.

5: Eating oats without adding anything:

It is true that oats are low in calories and high in carbohydrates. Oats are easily and quickly digested due to carbohydrates, which makes us hungry soon. For this, we should also mix protein and fat items in oats. By doing this it becomes a balanced diet.

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