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Corona Vaccination Side Effects-Know WHO’s opinion

Corona Vaccination Side Effects

Corona Vaccination Side Effects- Vaccination of coronavirus is going on quite fast worldwide. Till now millions of people have been vaccinated in different countries around the world. Some side effects have been observed in people after getting vaccinated.

According to medical experts, all vaccines have some side effects that are good for health. (Corona Vaccination Side Effects) The side effects that occur after a vaccine mean that your immunity system is now getting ready to fight the virus.

Are the side effects of vaccination worrisome?

After applying any vaccination, some side-effects are usually seen, which are cured automatically in 2-3 days. The side effects of vaccination may be mild and some may be mild. Most of the side effects mean that our immune system is getting ready to fight against the virus.

Rajasthan Health Minister Mr. Harsh Vardhan Singh says that such common symptoms can be caused by applying any vaccine. So there is no need to panic from them. After getting the vaccine, you will have to stay at the center for about half an hour. Separate centers have been set up to diagnose any kind of side effects, where necessary treatment will be given as per government protocol. In the event of adverse effects of the vaccine, you can give information by calling 1800 1200124 (24×7) number.

Do not ignore these side-effects

According to experts, people who have been vaccinated (corona vaccine) with the coronavirus have seen many side effects. But there are some side effects that we should not ignore accidentally. Of these, the most important side-effect is rashes. According to medical experts, skin redness or rash is the most common side-effect of the vaccine, but sometimes it takes more than a week to show these side effects. Side effects such as rashes or rashes are more common in people who have allergies, or who have delicate skin. Apart from this, do not mistakenly ignore the side effects like swelling, bleeding, fainting or fainting, etc., and immediately contact a medical expert.

Common Side-Effects of Corona Vaccination

According to medical experts, Corona Vaccination is said to be completely safe but some people are experiencing symptoms like fever, headache, chills, body pain, itching or rash, fatigue and weakness, and vomiting. Can. We need to get Corona Vaccination to avoid this serious disease going on at the moment. There is no need to panic about these side effects of Corona Vaccination in view of this serious disease.

WHO Opinion on Side Effects of Corona Vaccination

The WHO said in a report recently that it is normal for people to get symptoms like pain, fatigue, headache at the injection site after being vaccinated. There is no need to panic with them. According to the WHO, these side effects of vaccination go away automatically for a few days. With these side effects, it is found out that our immune system is getting ready to fight against the virus.

Take these precautions after Corona Vaccination.

after vaccination, Do not get tattooed immediately
Don’t get any other vaccine along with Corona Vaccination
Do not consume alcohol
Avoid hard workouts after vaccination
Eat at the right time
Rest after vaccination
Do not let the body lack water

for serious effects from vaccination, Compensation will be given

Bharat Biotech, the company that makes Corona’s Covaxin, has clearly stated that the victim will be paid compensation if there is any serious impact after the introduction of covaxin. But it should be proved that this serious effect is due to the vaccine (Covaxin). The Consent Letter (Consent letter) available at the Vaccination Center clearly states that in case of severe side effects of Vaccination, the victim is identified by the Government and free in Authorized Centers and Hospitals. Treatment will be done.

Preserve Vaccine Certificate

After applying the Coronavirus vaccine (Covaxin) you will be given a certificate. Which you can store and keep digitally as well. You will have to keep this certificate with you. Maybe in the future, you will need it for travel, visa, etc.

The purpose of our articles is to give you information only, not to recommend any kind of medicine, treatment. If you are struggling with any kind of problem, then see your doctor and get counseling. There is no mentor more than a doctor.

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