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Why does Starbucks Coffee Price so high?

Starbucks Coffee

Friends, do you know that Starbucks Coffee Price is so high? let’s know – although Indians are mostly crazy about tea, sometimes they do not forget to taste Indian coffee. Today we will talk about one such company which makes the best and most expensive coffee. Even if you are not a fan of coffee, you must have heard the name of this company. Whose name is “Starbucks”. Starbucks used to be a cafe which has transformed itself into a brand. Starbucks has received so much love from the people that this company has reached such heights that everyone is crazy about its coffee.

Friends, Starbucks company makes coffee, and coffee is the most famous in the world. It is said that Starbucks was the first to teach America to drink coffee. And now it is learning to drink coffee from all over the world.

Starbucks has included a variety of snacks and drinks in its outlets in addition to coffee. Friends, the more special this company is, the more special this company logo is “Starbucks logo”.

So today in this article we will talk about how Starbucks company started to its success, Starbucks Coffee Price, etc.

What is Starbucks?

Starbucks is the largest coffee house company, Under which food items like coffee, soft drinks, fast food, desserts, salads, mueslis, sandwiches, wraps, and bakery products come. But its important function is to make coffee from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Starbucks has more than 34 thousand stores in 84 countries. Millions of people come here every day to enjoy coffee. Starbucks occupies 120th place in the list of Fortune’s top 500.

Starbucks launch

Nearly 50 years ago today, the first Starbucks opened on 30 March 1971, Seattle, Washington, United States, in Seattle, Washington, by three friends: English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegel, and author Gordon Bowker. These three friends met at the University of San Francisco. This company used to sell high-quality coffee beans, not coffee. The inspiration for these three friends to sell high-quality coffee beans and equipment came from entrepreneur Alfred Peet. Because Alfred Peet used to do wholesale business of coffee beans.

From 1971 to 1975 the first Starbucks store was at 2000 Western Avenue. It was then moved to Pike Place in 1912, where it remains today. He bought green coffee beans from Peet’s during his first year of operation, then began buying directly from growers. Starbucks was the company’s Managing Marketer Howard Schultz. Managing Director Howard visited Italy to pursue the company selling beans. When he went there and saw, he found a systematic coffee cafe, in which people used to drink coffee as well as spend relaxing moments. After this, he talked to the owner of that cafe, after which he liked to do this work. He suggested that the company should sell beans as well as coffee and espresso drinks.

Who Was Howard Schultz?

Howard Schultz
Credit to StartupTalky

It is said that people who succeed with their hard work and perseverance in spite of their shortcomings, become an example for others. One such example is Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz. Born in 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, Schultz had a rough childhood. Schultz grew up on the Public Housing Project. Although he aspired to become a big man since childhood.

When Schultz was seven years old, it was the defining moment of his life. This was the time when his family was going through a very bad phase. However, his mother encouraged him to pursue education to open more doors for himself. After this, he got an athletic scholarship at Northern Michigan University. But after reaching college, he decided that he would not be able to play sports. After graduation, Schultz worked at a ski lodge in Michigan, selling Xerox and a housewares business.

During the 70s and 80s Starbucks was first a coffee roaster, followed by a coffee shop. But in the early ’80s, Schultz joined the company and became convinced that Starbucks could achieve the impossible goal. Schultz never wanted Starbucks to be as small as other regional chains. Schultz briefly left Starbucks in the mid-80s after he was unable to convince the company’s founders that the company could be an international chain, not a coffee roaster.

Schultz acquired the Starbucks brand and 17 locations from its founders in 1987. The first Starbucks opened in New York City, America. Then it started expanding. Schultz transformed the chain from just an idea to an entirely new type of store. Starbucks now has stores in about 75 countries. Schultz led the company to incredible growth under his leadership.

Today Starbucks has more than 34 thousand stores in 84 countries all over the world. The first store in India was opened in the year 2012 in Mumbai. And till now there have been a total of 252 shops. For your information, let me tell you that Starbucks has a 50-50% stake in India with the Tata Group.

Starbucks Menu

Starbucks Menu

Starbucks Drinks

Hot Coffees

  1. Americanos 2. Brewed Coffees 3. Cappuccinos 4. Espresso Shots 5. Flat Whites 6. Lattes 7. Macchiatos 8. Mochas 9. Clover Brewed Coffees 10. Coffee Travelers 11.

Hot Teas

  1. Chai Teas 2. Black Teas 3. Green Teas 4. Herbal Teas

Hot Drinks

  1. Hot Chocolates 2. Juice 3. Steamers 4.

Frappuccino Blended Beverages

  1. Coffee Frappuccino 2. Creme Frappuccino 3.

Cold Coffees

  1. Cold Brews 2. Nitro Cold Brews 3. Iced Americano 4. Iced Coffees 5. Iced Shaken Espresso 6. Iced Flat Whites 7. Iced Lattes 8. Iced Macchiatos 9. Iced Mochas 10. Iced Clover Brewed Coffees 11.

Iced Teas

  1. Bottled Teas 2. Iced Black Teas 3. Iced Chai Teas 4. Iced Green Teas 5. Iced Herbal Teas 6.

Cold Drinks

  1. Starbucks Refreshers 2. Juice 3. Milk 4. Sparkling Water 5. Water

Starbucks Food

Hot Breakfast

  1. Breakfast Sandwiches & Wraps 2. Sous Vide Egg Bites 3.


  1. Bagels 2. Cake Pops 3. Cookies, Brownies & Bars 4. Croissants 5. Loaves & Cakes 6. Danishes & Doughnuts 7. Muffins & Scones


  1. Warm Sandwiches 2. Protein Boxes

Snacks & Sweets

  1. Biscotti & Cookies 2. Chocolates & Candy 3. Fruit & Nuts 4. Gum & Mints 5. Popcorn & Chips 6. Meat & Cheese 7. Snack Bars 8. Spreads

Oatmeal & Yogurt

  1. Rolled & Steel-Cut Oatmeal 2. Berry Trio Parfait 3. Strawberry Overnight Grains

At Home Coffee

  • Whole Bean
  • VIA Instant


  • Cold Cups
  • Tumblers
  • Mugs
  • Water Bottles
  • Other

Gift Cards

  • Happy Birthday
  • Thank You
  • Traditional

History of the Starbucks logo

Starbucks logo
Starbucks logo

As special as this company is, the Starbucks logo is equally special. It would not be wrong to say that seeing its logo, many people feel like drinking coffee.

In 2006 the Starbucks logo resembled an image of a “twin-tailed mermaid”. The logo has changed over time. In the first version of the variation, the Starbucks mermaid was half-naked, based on a “Norse” woodcut from the seventeenth century, and had a fully visible double fishtail. She looks like a Melusine. In the second version, which was used from 1987 to 1992, her breasts were covered by her wavy hair but her navel was still visible and her fish-like tail was slightly raised. In the third version, used between 1992 and 2011, her navel and breast are not visible at all and only traces of her fish-like tail remain. And finally, the original “wooden frame” logo has been moved to Starbucks’ headquarters in Seattle.

In early September 2006 and then again in early 2008, Starbucks temporarily reintroduced its brown original logo on paper hot drink cups. According to Starbucks, this was done to celebrate 35 years of the business. However, some controversy had arisen among the old people, due to some extent to the bare breasts of the mermaid. But the temporary change attracted little media attention.

Starbucks faced similar criticism when they reintroduced that old logo in 2006. When Starbucks entered the Saudi Arabian market in 2000, the logo was changed, removing the mermaid and leaving only its crown. As described in The Washington Post in 2002 in a Pulitzer Prize-winning column by Colbert I. King. The company announced three years later that it would use the international logo in Saudi Arabia.

In January 2011, Starbucks announced that they would make a minor change to the company’s logo, removing the Starbucks wordmark around the mermaid and enlarging the mermaid’s image.

Starbucks CEO

Starbucks CEO
Credit to Current Affairs – Adda247

People in India see Starbucks as a luxury. In October 2022, Starbucks announced the appointment of Indian-born Laxman Narasimhan as the next and new Chief Executive Officer. Prior to this, Howard Schultz had handled this responsibility. Howard was also the one who made Starbucks a global brand. He retired in 2018 and was the interim CEO of Starbucks since February 2022. Their total assets are 27 thousand crores.

Reasons for the Success of Starbucks

1. Customer Experience

Your company is run by the customer. That’s why Starbucks left no stone unturned to work in this area. They provided quality breakfast and coffee to their customers at reasonable prices. Along with friendly furnishings also provided a nice ambiance so that people can meet their friends there, and get their work done, also provided a WiFi facility. Starbucks specializes in all types of coffee. He can even make your own coffee as you like. This is the magic of Starbucks’ marketing strategy, which makes customers want to go there again and again, even if they pay a high price for it.

2. Proper Location

Being in the right place helps any shop in its growth. That’s why Starbucks also keeps its store in such a place where many people keep coming and going.

3. Quality

However, making coffee at home is not that difficult or expensive. But when it comes to quality and comfort, customers will want to start their day with a Starbucks coffee. Starbucks is renowned for providing quality and comfort.

Although Starbucks first started with coffee, Starbucks gradually added healthy snacks, sandwiches, and hot snacks to its menu to meet customer demand. Their menu keeps adding new drinks and foods. Along with this, they also have tea, caffeine-free drinks, vegetarian snacks, and coffee and gluten-free options to meet the demand of all.

4. Employee training

Black aprons displaying the title “Coffee Master” are worn by employees who complete the Coffee Master course, which teaches employees how to taste, produce, roast, and buy coffee (including fair trade).

5. Renewal

It’s not like nothing has changed in today’s and 50 years of Starbucks. Starbucks took full advantage of the innovation and also launched its mobile app so that it can stay connected with customers. Simultaneously they opened their new stores in many regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He was starting his stores in new locations but this time also he took full care of the identity and quality of the brand.

6. Taking care of people of all ages

Caffeine isn’t good for kids, so Starbucks made sure they had something for people of all ages. You can easily find caffeine-free drinks and healthy snacks at Starbucks’ kid-friendly stores, as well as more options like herbal teas and espresso because Starbucks has something for everyone.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Starbucks is successful. Its story and marketing strategy is so special that everyone can learn something from it.

Why is Starbucks Coffee Price so high?

Starbucks Coffee Price

The reason why Starbucks coffee is so expensive is its high-quality beans. In fact, there are many varieties of coffee plants found all over the world, but mainly 2 types of coffee beans are of high quality, Robusta, and Arabica. In this, the plants of the Arabica coffee variety are found in the high altitude area of ​​3 to 6 thousand feet. So the same robusta is found in the low-altitude part. It is cultivated mostly in Africa. Here hot days and cold nights make the coffee bean dense. Because of this its flavor is different from the rest of the coffee. Starbucks has been using the Arabica coffee bean since its inception. For which the farmers of Africa, America, and Asia have signed agreements to take coffee beans. It is because of all these reasons that Starbucks coffee is so expensive.

Beyond that there are several factors that contribute to the relatively Starbucks coffee Price so high compared to other coffee options:

Quality and Sourcing

Starbucks prides itself on sourcing high-quality coffee beans from around the world. They often work directly with coffee farmers and pay premium prices for their beans, which supports sustainable farming practices and fair wages. This commitment to quality and ethical sourcing can result in higher costs.

Branding and Experience

Starbucks has positioned itself as a premium brand that not only offers coffee but also a unique experience and ambiance. The company invests in creating comfortable and inviting spaces as well as providing amenities such as free Wi-Fi, music, and a consistent customer experience at its locations. These factors contribute to the overall cost of operating a business, which is reflected in the pricing of its products.

Labor and Overhead Costs

Starbucks employs trained baristas who are skilled in making various coffee drinks and ensuring consistent quality. The company invests in training programs, employee benefits, and competitive salaries, which add to the overall cost of operations. Additionally, there are expenses such as rent, utilities, equipment, and marketing in maintaining and running a Starbucks store, which are included in the price of their products.

Research and Development

Starbucks continually invests in research and development to introduce new coffee blends, flavors, and beverage innovations. This includes developing unique recipes, experimenting with new ingredients, and creating seasonal offerings. These efforts require investment and can contribute to the higher prices of their products.

Convenience and accessibility

Starbucks locations are often strategically placed in high-traffic areas such as city centers, airports, and shopping malls. This convenience comes at a cost, as prime locations typically have higher rents and operating expenses. The accessibility and availability of Starbucks stores contribute to their pricing structure.

Starbucks Earnings

Starbucks’ revenue comes in three ways. The first store is run by the company. Second through licensing fees and third through other means. 80% of the company’s money comes from Starbucks stores. The company earns by marketing and selling specialty coffees as well as soft drinks, food, and branded products. 60 percent of the income comes from soft drinks.

Interesting Facts About Starbucks

  1. • Employees working in Starbucks are called partners, not employees. Even the employees doing part-time jobs have the option of buying the stock.
  2. • The Starbucks logo is derived from the novel Moby Dick and the siren in the center of the logo is half woman and half bird. From 1971 to 1987, the color of the logo was brown, which later turned green. After this, in the years 1992 and 2011, the color remained the same but a slight change was made in the design.
  3. • During Corona, where other companies were firing staff, Starbucks was giving training and coffee testing classes to its staff.
  4. • Staff at Starbucks have a dress code. Starbucks staff does not allow high-smelling perfumes and deo to be used inside the coffee house. Because the aroma of perfume affects the taste of coffee.
  5. • Starbucks tests at least 1 thousand coffee cups daily in its testing center. Before going to the market, the expert team does the test 3 times.
  6. • Tata has a 50% partnership with Starbucks in India.


Today we told you about the success story of Starbucks company from its inception and also told who is the owner of Starbucks company, which country is the company, why is Starbucks coffee so expensive and how much is Starbuck’s net worth. Is. Hope you have liked this information.



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