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Lotus Temple Kalkaji Mandir – A Spectacular Place of Worship

lotus temple kalkaji mandir

The Lotus Temple Kalkaji Mandir is situated in Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the major seven Bahá’í houses of worship worldwide and the only temple in Asia.

Delhi Lotus Mandir, Like all other Bahai worship temples, is dedicated to the unity of religions and humanity.

Lotus Temple Delhi History – when lotus temple was built ?

Lotus Temple Delhi History – The Lotus Temple (also known as the Lotus Mandir) located near Kalkaji Mandir in Delhi is an incomparable architectural marvel and one of the major tourist attractions of the national capital Delhi. read about Tourism

  • The Bahai Temple is build like a lotus flower. Therefore it is know as Kamal Mandir.
  • The second name of the Bahá’í House of Worship is the name Mashriq-al-Adhar.
  • The Bahai Temple was built in 1986 and was opened to the public in December 1986.
  • Many believe that this temple looks like a lotus, hence it is known as Lotus Temple, but it is not.
  • lotus is a symbol of love and purity and it gives the message of immortality.

Lotus Temple Delhi Image

Lotus Temple Delhi Image
Lotus Temple Delhi Image
Lotus Temple Delhi Image

Where Lotus Temple is located ? – Location and Information:

Address (lotus temple Delhi Location)Lotus Temple is Located in Lotus Temple Road, Near Kalka Ji Mandir, Delhi
Lotus Temple Visiting Timelotus temple Open and Close Time (lotus temple hours)-October – March = 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, April – September = 9:30 am to 7:00 pm; *Closed on Monday
lotus temple Entry Fee/
Lotus Temple Delhi Ticket Price
No fee. 
Camera in Lotus Temple Kalkaji MandirNo, any camera charges, but if you want to take photography, you will need to take special permission for it.
Nearest Metro StationKalka ji Mandir, Delhi.
StatusBahai House of Worship
Established in 1986
Area26 acres 
Material UsedMarble, cement, dolomite, and sand
ArchitectFariborz Sahba
Cost of Construction10 million dollars

1. Architecture about Lotus Temple

2. Who buit Lotus Temple Kalkaji Mandir

3. What is inside of Lotus Temple Kalkaji Mandir

4. Lotus Temple Height

The Lotus Temple Kalkaji Mandir was design by Fariborz Sahba, he is an Iranian-American architect.

Lotus Temple Designed By – The structural design was by Flint and Neil, a UK firm. In the construction of the temple, Marble, cement, dolomite, and sand have been used. This temple with a lotus structure is build on 26 acres of land and is surround by lush green landscaped gardens.

Looking at this temple from above, it seems that it is a half-open lotus temple. Its construction took 10 years to complete. 800 people contributed to the construction of this temple. This team consists of engineers, technicians, and employees. The temple is made up of 27 marble petals arranged in groups of three with nine sides and nine reflective pools of water outside the temple. The temple has nine entrances that open into a large central hall. The inner floor of which is also made of marble, which is 40 meters in height. The marble used in it comes from Mount Panteli, Greece.

Facts – Delhi Lotus Mandir

  • It is the most visited tourist destination in the world every year.
  • The Lotus Temple is depicte at a 6.50 postage stamp in India.
  • Lotus is a symbol of purity and love. So Fariborz Sahaba chose the lotus symbol.
  • The Lotus Temple gives the message of immortality as well as being consider as a common symbol in all religions.
  • It is the only temple in the national capital to use solar energy.
  • Ardish Rustampur, a book follower from Hyderabad in the Sindh province of Pakistan, donated his entire savings for the purchase of temple land.

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