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Kale Hanuman Ji Temple Jaipur Rajasthan

Kale Hanuman Ji Temple Jaipur

Generally in temples, pictures, and idols, you must have seen Lord Hanuman in saffron and orange colors only. But there is also a place in India where the idol of Hanuman ji is black. You will be surprised to hear that, how the color of Hanuman ji can be black. But it is true that there is a Kale Hanuman Ji Temple (black-colored idol of Hanuman ji) located in the silver mint of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, which is visited by devotees from all regions of the country.

Tuesday of the week is very special for the devotees of Hanuman ji. On this day people of the Hindu religion worship and recite Lord Hanuman with full devotion. Hanuman ji has always been described as an exclusive devotee of Lord Rama.

Many stories related to Lord Rama and Hanuman ji are also found in the scriptures and Puranas. It is told in Ramayana that Hanuman ji together with Lord Shri Ram saved Mother Sita from Ravana, the king of Lanka. Many people worship Lord Hanuman also because he was a child celibate. Those who are troubled by fear and fear also worship Lord Hanuman.

A very interesting story is hidden behind the black statue of Hanuman ji. If you want to know all the interesting facts related to Hanuman ji, then read this article completely. So let’s know about the Kale Hanuman ji temple –

Kale Hanuman Ji History

Kale Hanuman Ji Jaipur History is very interesting. Hanuman ji was the son of Pawan Dev and a disciple of Surya Dev. His education was completed at the place of Surya Dev. The mystery of Hanuman ji’s dark complexion begins from the time when Hanuman ji’s education was over and Hanuman ji was about to return from Suryalok to his home in Anjan Pradesh.

When Hanuman ji asked Surya Dev that Gurudev what should I give you in Guru Dakshina. Then Surya Dev said to Hanuman ji that Maruti (nickname of Hanuman ji) my son Shani does not speak well to me. If you end this separation between us and establish a relationship of unity, then I will accept that as your Guru-Dakshina.

After listening to Sun God, Hanuman ji left there in search of Shani Dev. After a lot of effort, at last, Hanuman ji met Shani Dev. Hanuman ji explained to Shani Dev to live together with his father Surya Dev, but Shani Dev was not getting ready to understand Hanuman ji’s words.

The matter went so far that a war started between them. During the war, the entire body of Hanuman ji became black due to the fire of the angry Shani Dev. Despite having a black body, Hanuman ji managed to establish a relationship of unity between Shani Dev and Surya Dev.

Pleased with this work of Hanuman ji, Shani Dev bowed down in front of Hanuman ji and said, ‘ I am very happy to see your devotion to Guru. I declare that the wishes of my devotees will not be fulfilled on Saturday unless they worship you after worshiping me.’ Shani Dev also said that whoever worships you on Saturday, his My squint above will have no effect. Not only this, according to the wish of Shani Maharaj, Hanuman ji also wore black color. That’s why there is a lot of crowd in the temple of Kale Hanuman ji on Saturday instead of Tuesday.

Hanuman ji image

Hanuman ji image

Kale Hanuman Ji Temple Location

Full Address – 2, Ganesh Colony, Amer Rd, Near Jal Mahal, Parasrampuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002

Hanuman ji is worshiped in the kale hanuman ji temple on Tuesdays as well as there is a crowd of devotees on Saturdays as well. Significantly, in Jaipur, one idol of black Hanuman ji is located near the silver mint and the other near the Jalmahal. The temple adjacent to Jalmahal is one of the oldest temples in India which was built over 1000 years ago. This temple was built by Raja Jaisingh of Amer. There is an east-facing statue of Hanuman ji in the temple. They have been installed like protectors inside the Sanganeri Gate.

Hanuman Ji Mandir Architecture

This temple is interesting as well as very beautiful. Before the establishment of the city of Jaipur, all kinds of constructors and workers from Calcutta were made to build this special Black Hanumanji Temple. It has been built keeping in mind the rules and regulations of Rajasthani architecture and Vastu. The pillars in the temple are made in the form of ‘Pushya Nakshatra’. The temple has a main idol of Hanumanji along with Lord Vishnu (Raghunathji), Ramji, and Sitaji.

The specialty of Kale Hanuman Ji Mandir

This temple (Hanuman Ji Mandir) is so famous that many well-known celebrities of Bollywood come here to visit Kale Hanuman ji. Due to the glory of Kale Hanuman ji, actress Shilpa Shetty along with her family visited the Kale Hanumanji temple located at Silver Mint. Shilpa took blessings from Mahant Gopaldas Maharaj and also got a broom installed. Before Shilpa, Bipasha Basu, Ekta Kapoor, and Jitendra have also come here to visit Hanuman ji.

Name of the priest of black hanuman ji temple

Priest – Mahesh Sharma Maharaj
Contact No.- 982820005

Kale Hanuman Ji Temple Timing

kale hanuman ji temple jaipur timings are different and kale hanuman ji jaipur timings given below-

Opening hours 6:00 am
closing time 12:00 noon
Re-opening time 2:00 PM
Re-closing time 6:00 pm
Special Aarti at 7:00 PM

Special Aarti of Black Hanumanji is performed at 7:00 in the evening, in which a huge crowd of devotees is seen and it is considered very auspicious to attend this Aarti.

How to reach Kale Hanuman ji temple?

The nearest airport, railway station, and bus stand to Kale Hanuman Ji Temple are all located in Jaipur, which is connected to major cities of the country by air, rail, and road. You can avail of flight, train, or bus facilities from any major city in the country to reach these three places. Bus and taxi facilities are available from these three places in Jaipur to go to Kale Hanuman Ji Temple.

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