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What is Tourism?

what is tourism

Meaning of Tourism and what is tourism for you

Friends, today we are going to give you complete information about “what is Tourism”. It means that people visit or travel from one place to another for some time or days for their enjoyment, entertainment, interesting information, and going to a place that produces adventure.

what is tourism

In this way, travel has its important place in the pleasant moments of our life which makes us happy and reduces stress in our lives and makes us feel relaxed and refreshed.

Those doing this type of work are call “tourists” and places where tourists stay are call “resort”.

It means “tour”. The word “tour” is derive from the Latin word toners, which actually means “a tool for making circles”. In today’s era, it remains such an instrument of business that is growing very fast in the industry.

In today’s modern era, in the same way, as it occupies the first place in the field of industry, it has also got its first place in the field of employment and remains the main source of employment and income.

September 27 is celebrate every year as “World Tourism Day”. This date was chose in 1970 when the UNWTO Act was adopt.

The full name of UNWTO is United Nations World Tourism Organization.

History of Tourism

Its history is as old as that of mankind on earth. Earlier, the man used to roam from here to earth for his food, shelter, and security. In this way, it originated from the need for food, housing, and security, but the industrial revolution of the 18th century changed its definition.

The UK economy has also contributed to this area. It created a large and prosperous middle class and greatly improved transport systems towards the end of the 18th century.

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In the 19th century, people started traveling for entertainment and enjoyment. Earlier, only rich people used to travel or simply say that it was their privilege, but modern tourism changed it.

People of the lower and middle class have also joined modern tourism. In this, the facilities of transportation, housing, etc. have become cheaper for these people and it has become an integral part of the lives of these people in today’s times.

Types of Tourism

1. International पर्यटन

In this, people travel from one country to another or abroad. A valid passport, visa, medical certificate, and foreign currency are require to travel to another country or abroad.

2. Domestic पर्यटन

In this, people travel within their country. It does not require a passport, visa, medical certificate, and foreign exchange.


  1. Entertainment पर्यटन
  2. Village पर्यटन
  3. Health पर्यटन
  4. Eco पर्यटन
  5. Wild पर्यटन
  6. Music पर्यटन
  7. Historical पर्यटन
  8. cultural पर्यटन
  9. adventure पर्यटन
  10. Religious and Philosophical पर्यटन

how can we develop tourism?

In order to promote tourism, the government will have to take any such steps to promote tourism.

  1. New schemes should be introduced from time to time to attract tourists.
  2. Tourists should be given special offers on Tourism Day.
  3. In the tourism season, tourists should be given a discount on the rental.
  4. They should be given excellent facilities to attract tourists.
  5. The government should give such offers to tourists on special occasions so that the trend can move towards tourism.

In this way, tourism has emerged as a major economic power globally in the modern era.

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