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Immunity booster food in India

Immunity booster food in India

immunity system introduction and Immunity booster food in India.

Immunity booster food in India. What is the immune system, how does the

immune system work and why is it so important, then you should read this

article. The main function of the the immune system is to protect the body

from viruses and bacteria. Without it, the human body can remain ill.

Without a healthy immune system, the human body is more likely to easily

come into contact with any disease.

As the whole world knows about Kovid 19 and is trying to avoid it. Such steps

are being taken so that our immunity system remains healthy. Such as

handwashing, face mask, keeping a distance from people, avoiding contact

with patients, taking care of cleanliness, using sanitizer, etc.

Immunity booster food in India, We all know that

unless our immunity system is healthy and good, then we cannot protect our

body from getting the infection from diseases. To make our immunity system

better and healthier, plant foods should be included in our catering lifestyle.

Since our food style also affects our immunity system. If we keep our eating

style right, then the risk of infection due to diseases decreases significantly.

Let us know what we should do so that our immunity system is good through Immunity booster food in India.


Diet is an activity that we do every day. By doing this action, we get energy which

gives us the power to work. Power here means calories. We also have to take

calories in a limit because somewhere these calories also affect our

immunity system. By consuming more calories our body weight starts

increasing, which can affect our immunity system. That is why we should eat

a low-calorie diet. Consuming low-calorie foods makes our immunity system

strong. The immunity system relies on white blood cells that produce

antibodies to fight bacteria, viruses, etc.

Immunity booster food in India. (Low-calorie foods)

1. Black pepper

Immunity booster food in India

almost everyone knows about black pepper and it is bitter and tasteless in

food. But it is rich in medicinal properties. It contains postic elements like

calcium, iron, phosphorus, carotene, Thaimon, Fritronutrius. It has negligible

calories. There are 8 calories in 1 teaspoon black pepper.

2. Green tea

Immunity booster food in India
Green tea

This tea is high in antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps in reducing

abdominal fat as well as eliminates toxins from the body, which gives

strength to the body’s immune system to be healthy and to fight against

body diseases. Capacity increases.

3. watermelon

Immunity booster food in India

Who does not know watermelon. It is a fruit which is full of water and it also

has very low calories. Watermelon contains a chemical called streamline. Its

intake does not reduce the fat inside the blood vessels because inside it 100

grams of watermelon contains only 30 calories and contains 0% fat and 92%

water. Therefore, after eating it, the stomach becomes full.

3. Apples and Pears

Immunity booster food in India
Apple and pear

Apple is a fruit that has properties in the skin. Apples

contain high dietary fiber phytosterol, flavonoids, beta carotene, and pectin.

The Pear is rich in fiber and water.

It reduces appetite and aids digestion and also reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

4. Egg

Immunity booster food in India

The egg is a food item that contains less fat. An egg contains 75 calories and

7 grams of protein. Eggs should be consumed mostly by boiling them.

5. The Coffee


The Coffee contains an element called caffeine which increases the excretion of Oxycontin hormone in the body and thereby reduces body fat.

6. salad

Immunity booster food in India

Salads are low in calories and high in water. Along with the abundant

antioxidants in green leafy vegetables, fiber is also found in high amounts

which reduces the possibility of increasing fat in the body.

7. Walnut

Immunity booster food in India

The Walnuts contain omega-3 linoleic acid which reduces weight rapidly but

it is found in high amounts of protein and calories. Breast and Protest cancer

can be avoided by consuming walnuts as it contains a good amount of

polyphenols and phytochemicals which have antioxidant properties.

Apart from this, we should also give more importance to fruits and

vegetables because they contain a lot of nutrients.

An antioxidant called

beta carotene is found in sweet potatoes, carrots, and green leafy

vegetables that increase the number of immunity cells in the body. Vitamin E

is found in seeds, spinach, broccoli. Vitamin C is found in plenty in fruits like

red chilies, oranges, lemons, which act as antioxidants. Nuts, pumpkin seeds,

sesame seeds, beans, and lentils contain a mineral substance called zinc

that increases white blood cells and reduces the likelihood of infection.

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8. Sleep

Sleep is helpful in making our immunity system healthy.

It plays a very important role to relax our body and recharge the body.

Not having enough sleep increases the chances of serious diseases like heart

disease, mental stress, brain stroke, and obesity.

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