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Albert Hall in Jaipur – Visiting Place in Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur

The Albert Hall in Jaipur – Visiting Place in Jaipur is located in the Ram Niwas Bagh, the pink city of the state of Rajasthan, it is the oldest museum in Rajasthan. The museum (Visiting Place in Jaipur) is name after the Prince of Whales, Albert Edward.

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur
Albert Hall in Jaipur

The Albert Hall Museum of Jaipur is also know as the Government Central Museum. Visiting Place in Jaipur Hawa Mahal

History of Albert Hall Museum Jaipur Rajasthan

The history of Albert Hall Museum Jaipur Rajasthan is believe to be about 150 years old. Its foundation was on 6 February 1876. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, visited India on this day to visit Jaipur.

How this building was to be use, then It was not sure. Then in 1880, at the suggestion of Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II, a temporary museum was build 1881 to display the objects and artifacts of local artisans.

In 1887 Samuel Swinton Jacob, Director of Jaipur PWD, completed the temporary Albert Hall and converted it into a new museum. This new museum has an extensive collection of archaeological artifacts brought from different regions of the world.

The construction of the Albert Hall Museum took more than 10 years to complete. The Albert Hall Museum was complete in 1886. In 1887, Sir Edward Bradford duly inaugurated the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur. At that time it cost Rs 5,01,036 / – to build Albert Hall Museum.

Earlier people also called it ‘Ajaybghar’. The museum houses antique coins along with the art of marble, pottery, carpets, and especially Egyptian mummies. Visiting Place at Jaipur City Place

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur – Architecture

The History of Albert Hall Museum Jaipur Rajasthan is build in Indo-Saracenic architecture, which is also a good synonym of Indo-Saracenic architecture.

The engineering and visualization work of the Albert Hall Museum was doing by Swinton Jacob. It was construct by the Chander and Tara Egyptians of Jaipur.

Decorating the corridors of the museum with frescoes in a variety of styles, the museum also depicts Egyptian, Greek, European, Chinese and Babylonian civilizations. Visiting Place at Jaipur Amber Fort (Amer Fort) in Jaipur

Egyptian lady mummy

Not only in the Egyptian Pyramid but also in the Central Museum (Albert Hall Museum) in Jaipur, Rajasthan, a mummy of a 2340-year-old woman is keep.

The British government brought the woman’s mother from Egypt to India in 1880. At that time, the woman’s mummy has been keep in the Albert Museum in Jaipur.

The mummy was find during excavations from Akhmin in the city of Panopolis, Egypt. The woman, whose name is Mummy, was name ‘Tutu’ and is saying to be a member of a family of priests worshiping a god named ‘Khem’ at that time in Egypt.

Mummy is also house in six cities of the country, including Mumbai’s Albert Hall Museum, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Vadodara Museum in Gujarat.

This mummy, house in Vadodara Museum in Gujarat, belongs to a 20-year-old girl belonging to the royal family of Egypt, who was buy by the Maharaja Sijirao Gaekwad III of Vadodara and placed in the museum. Visiting Place in Jaipur Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur

Who Cares, Mummy?

These mummies are oversee from time to time as instructed by the experts of the Egyptian Cairo Museum, which oversees the Egyptian pyramids. In 1999 and 2011, a three-member team was call from Egypt to check the status of this mummy.

The Egyptian team, along with the team of Mami’s chemistry branch housed at the Albert Hall Museum, investigated Mummy’s condition for about two and a half hours. Mami’s body appears in the same way as if this woman died just recently. Lotus Temple in Delhi

The gallery of the Albert Hall Museum contains objects and treasures dating from the nineteenth century to ancient times.

Other exciting galleries such as textiles, marble art, pottery, sculptures, metal art, weapons, and armor are also see.

The Carpet Gallery is the finest example of Persian garden carpets in the world, purchased in 1632 AD at the time of Mirza Raja Jai ​​Singh, whose carpet depicts the Persian garden scene.

It is divide into four parts and several sub-sections. Different colors have been use in each part to make the carpet attractive and beautiful. In which pictures of fishes, birds, turtles, and other Chinese animals are see.

Spherical carpets with doormats, Mughal, and floral patterns are also see in the museum’s gallery.

The Clay Art Gallery depicts exquisite postures of the 19th century, including yogic postures, sociological themes, craftsmanship, etc.

In the Coin Gallery, coins use by the British and the Mughals are see. The coins are believe to be the most ancient punch-mark coins in history, where many Mughal period coins dating to the reigns of Akbar, Shah Jahan, Jahangir, and Aurangzeb were discover in various parts of Rajasthan.

The jewelry gallery showcases all the 19th-century costumes worn by farmers whose prices were quite cheap at that time. Jewelry is making of silver and brass, which include anklets, bracelets, rings, necklaces, hairpins.

In this Gallery, Ancient Indian musical instruments such as dhap, shehnai, pungi Ravan Hatha, etc. are see.

Other Hotpots of Albert Hall Museum Jaipur Rajasthan

  1. Upon entering the basement of the Albert Hall Museum, at the main gate, there is a replica of the Egyptian goddess ‘Sekhet’, made of black granite from the temple of Maute near Karnak.
  2. On the right is a replica of a black granite statue find from Thebes of King Amenhotep III of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt.
  3. There are many attractive objects like amulets, necklaces, idols of Egyptian gods and goddesses, glass bottles, which look like mummies all around.
  4. Ginger mummy was find in the 19th-century excavation of the Egyptian desert. Is the mummy of the famous queen of Hatshepsut, who ruled for nearly 2 decades. King Tutankhamen became king of Egypt at the age of just 9 years.

How to reach Albert Hall in Jaipur – Visiting Place in Jaipur

The Albert Hall Museum of Jaipur is located in Ramnivas Bagh near Ajmeri Gate which is easily accessible by traveling by air, train, or road. Business idea

How to reach Albert Hall Museum Jaipur Rajasthan by flight

Sanganer’s Airport is the nearest airport to the Albert Hall Museum, which is 10 kilometers from the Albert Museum Museum. You can take a taxi or cab to reach the Albert Hall Museum from the Sanganer Airport.

How to reach Albert Hall Museum Jaipur Rajasthan by train

The nearest railway station to the Albert Hall Museum is Merta Road Junken Railway Station, which is 2 kilometers from the Albert Hall Museum. You can take a taxi or cab to reach the Albert Hall Museum from the station.

How to reach Albert Hall Museum Jaipur Rajasthan by Road

The “Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation” within the state of Rajasthan operates several deluxe and luxury buses between Jaipur and major cities. You can take a taxi or cab to reach the Albert Hall Museum from the Jaipur.

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