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Shangri la Ghati – A Mysterious Vally

Shangri la ghati

Today we are going to tell you about a very interesting valley. This valley is the most different from all the valleys you have seen and heard to date. Where the power of the mind increases to an extent, where the effect of time ceases, the power of life and thought increases wonderfully. Friends, we are talking here about Shangri-La Ghati, which is called the second Bermuda Triangle of the world.

Shangri-La Ghati is one such wonderful and mysterious valley, where the effect of time stops and humans do not grow old and humans can live as long as they want. Therefore it is also called the Spiritual Control Center of this earth.

We have heard many times that even today there is such a place in the Himalayas which is entirely beyond the common man and the common man cannot reach there. Only a body consisting of 3 elements or a yogi and a Siddha can reach it.

Very few people know the truth about Shangri-La Ghati. But those who have experienced this in “Kaal Vigyan in Hindi book”, according to them, “Shangri la Ghati is the heaven on earth where age stops. Along with the second dimension, It is a Siddhashram, where all the saints of the highest order are still engaged in penance.

Shangrila Valley lies on our earth. It is a secret place between India and Tibet, where even today all the divine herbs exist.

In ancient times, when Lakshman had fainted, the Sanjeevani herb was brought by Shri Hanuman, that too was a part of the Shangrila valley. According to this, it can be estimated that it is a part of the Himalayas which is currently on the border of Tibet and India. The biggest thing is perhaps even China is not unaware of this. That is why he is putting pressure on India to take possession of it.

The secret of Shangri la Ghati

Shangri-la-ghati Credit to nice1-story

There are many such places in the atmosphere where the air remains zero. Just as In the same way, there are many such places on this earth that come under the influence of land degradation. Places with landlessness and air void are affected by the fourth dimension. Such places are beyond time and space. If any object or person goes into them unknowingly, then its existence in this three-dimensional gross world disappears. That object disappears from this world.

One such place situated on the border of Tibet and Arunachal is Shangri la Ghati. Due to being affected by land inferiority and the fourth dimension, this valley remains mysterious now. It is not visible with these skin eyes. It is believed that this valley is related to some world of space.

There is an ancient book related to this subject – Kaal Vigyan. This book written in the Tibetan language is present in the library of Tawang Monastery. According to Kaal Vigyan, everything in this three-dimensional world is tied to Desh, Kaal, and Nimita. But in Shangrila valley the time is negligible. There the power of prana, mind, and thought increases to a certain extent. Physical stamina and mental consciousness are greatly increased.

Due to the negligibility of time, their age progresses very slowly. If a person has entered it at the age of 25 then his body will remain young for a long time.

Those who are familiar with this valley say that Avatri Baba, the guru of the famous yogi Shyama Charan Lahiri, who had also initiated Adi Shankaracharya, is still residing in a Siddha Ashram in the Shangrila Valley. Avatri Baba also gives darshan to his disciples whenever he walks through the sky.

The existence of three monasteries in Shangri La Ghati

Shangri-la-ghati Credit to Bhaskar Hindi

Three sadhna centers are famous here. The first is “Gyanganj Math”, the second is “Siddha Vigyan Ashram” and the third is “Yoga Siddhashram”. Here long-lived, Kalanjayi yogis reside with their soul bodies. They move through the subtle body and sometimes they also take on the gross body. Swami Vishuddhananda Paramhansa who was well versed in the science of Surya was associated with Gyanganj Math.

Yogi Acharyas living in this Sangrila valley, after searching and searching for the worthy disciples of the world, bring them to this valley and after giving initiation, make them proficient and then send them to this world to spread knowledge.

Apart from these three ashrams, there are also many centers of tantra where high-class Kapaliks and Shakta seekers reside. Similarly, Buddhist lamas also have monasteries there. The seekers residing in them are keeping themselves secret from the inhabitants of the gross world.

Sources of Shangri-La Mystery

Shangri la ghati
Shangri-la-ghati Credit to Gyan Kida

Shangrila is a place full of mysteries, which is described in the novel “Lost Horizon” by British novelist James Hilton. Although there are many ancient scripts about Shangrila’s existence, many of which were studied by Hilton before writing the novel.

Many of the references in the novel were inspired by botanist Joseph Rock’s writings for National Geographic. who spent many years exploring southwest China and the Tibetan border areas.

He also spent a great deal of time studying Tibet’s early explorations by French priests, Haque and Gabet, as well as the Tibetan material available at the British Library in London.

A few years before Hilton published the novel Lost Horizon, she personally visited the Hunza Valley in Kashmir, which is located near the Chinese border.

The valley is surrounded by lush green trees and mountains, and there is only one way to go in or out. This is believed to have inspired Hilton’s physical description of the Valley of Shangri-La.

Shambhala is a core concept in Tibetan Buddhism. Which describes an area where man lives in harmony with nature. Because of this the Kalachakra or “Wheel of Time” also behaves accordingly.

This ideal land is described in great detail in the Shambhala Sutra written by the Sixth Panchen Lama. According to this source, some places of Shambhala are located in Ngari province in north-western Tibet.

Many folk tales related to this are also heard. According to one such legend, Mount Belukha is said to be the gateway to Shambhala. It is said that from this you can enter Shambhala.

The Kunlun Mountains, which the newly discovered, and are described in the novel as the Kuen-Lun mountain range, became the source of Shambhala or Shangrila.

Where is Shangri-La city

Shangri la ghati
Shangri-la-ghati Credit to Amar Ujala

One of the great things about Shangrila is that no one really knows whether such a place exists or not.

Despite numerous references to a hidden utopia in Buddhist texts and ancient folklore, there is no solid evidence that Shangrila or any other similar place actually exists outside of folk tales and religious sources.

In 2001 the county-level city of Zhongdian in northwest Yunnan province was officially renamed Shangrila or Xianggelilla in Chinese to promote tourism in the region.

Many Tibet tours are operated there every year. A beautiful part of the Tibetan region of Yunnan lies in the mountainous area of ​​the city, but there is no authentic evidence of any claim to be a “real” utopia.

There are many references to places mentioned in Hilton’s novel that match those described by Joseph Rock in his explorations of northern Yunnan Province. The area inhabited by the Naxi people, particularly in the foothills on the border between Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, perfectly matches Hilton’s hypothesis. Hilton never actually went to China.

Rock’s literary works, as well as Huck and Gabbett, have inspired his “imagination”, his own reactions in interviews given to the novel.

The abandoned town of Tsaparang in the Ngari Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region may have been the site of the mythical Shangrila. Although the city was home to the ancient Gage kingdom. The city used to host two great temples. The people of Tsparang disappeared centuries ago without leaving a trace.

This land of Shambala is situated in a valley. Where can only be reached through a ring of snow peaks like lotus petals. At its center is a nine-story crystal mountain, which stands on a sacred lake. There is a palace decorated with lapis, coral, gems, and pearls.

Story of Shangri-La (The fiction utopia)

Shangri la ghati
Shangri-la-ghati Credit to सिल्क रोड

According to The fiction utopia, the story of Shangri-La’s discovery is set in the early 1930s. When the British residents of Baskul in India were being taken to Peshawar during the revolution.

When the plane crashes somewhere high in the “Kuen-Lun” mountains, four people go missing. During that time, the Chinese pilot asked him to take shelter in a lamasery when he fell from the plane before dying.

Upon reaching Lamasery, he sees a number of young postulants or monks, and there he also meets the High Lama. There they learn that this lamasery was built by a Catholic monk from France in the early 18th century.

They are astonished to see that the people living in the valley grow at a much slower rate than the rest of the world. But if any person leaves the valley after being there for a long time, he will grow old and die very quickly. The purpose of the four men is to find the Supreme Lama. who is actually a French monk, and is now a 250-year-old dying man.

According to the story, when the four travelers find the lama, one of them will be chosen to lead Lemsari upon the death of the Supreme Lama. As the story progresses. It is revealed that one of the four is in love with a young girl. He decides to go with her and convinces others to go along.

According to the story, only one is seen in a small hospital in Chung-kiang (presumably Chongqing). Which was brought up by a very old lady. This old lady is the same girl whom the young man fell in love with. Because the girl had left the valley. Because of this, her age increased with time and she died.

The only surviving boy tells his story to a British neurologist at the hospital, then leaves. He was preparing to return to the mythical valley of Shangri-La. After that, he was never seen again.

Description in ancient texts

Shangri La is also called the Gate of Heaven. In the Mahabharata, when the life span of the Pandavas is over, they all go to the Himalayas bodily. But on the way, all including Draupadi die in the snow. Only Yudhishthira can reach heaven. This heaven situated in the Himalayas is the only “Siddhashram” or “Gyanganj” or “Shambhala” or “Shangri-La”, where only the wise like Yudhishthira could enter.

Indian saints knew about Shangri La

Since time immemorial, the movement of Indian saints has been going on throughout the Himalayas. From ancient times to modern times, the Mahatmas of our country, Swami Loknath Bramhachari Lal Mistry Sadananda Saraswati Prabhupada, Swami Vishuddhanand, etc., had complete information about the Shangri-la valley i.e. “Siddhashram”.

In the famous book “An Autobiography of Yogi” by Sant Shri Paramahand Yogananda, Shambhala in Shangri La valley has been described as the permanent residence of Mahavatar Babaji. In this, he has described the life of Shangri La as if he himself has seen Siddhashram with his own eyes.

According to the late Narayan Dutt Shrimali, the famous guru of Tantra Sadhana Marg, “Siddhashram is a world in which many great personalities and sages of Satyug, Tretayug and Dwapar Yuga, including Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Vishwamitra, Vashishtha Kripacharya, etc. have lived in Siddhashram for thousands of years. The living in the body are absorbed in samadhi.

What is Siddhashram

The description of Siddhashram is also in the Mahabharata, Ramayana of Rishi Valmiki, and in Vedas. Siddhashram has also been mentioned by the famous writer James Hilton in his book “Lost Horizon” and has written that the people there live for many years where there is no effect of time. Although according to him it is an imaginary place.

We all must have heard about Siddhashram in the tales of ancient Siddhis. It is said that after the completion of their lives, Siddha Yogis and Rishis spend the rest of their lives (until they attain salvation or goal) here. He can move from there to the physical world at any time. A divine world where there is no sorrow, no worry, no age, there is no end of the age, then there is only peace and divinity all around in which we make ourselves more and more divine.

Real-life experience in Shangri La Ghati

According to the experience of a yogi, when he entered the Sangrila valley, there was neither the light of the sun nor the redness of the moon. There, there is an opal light spread in the atmosphere that no one knows about. When I entered there with a Lama (Tibetan monk), I felt a divine light there and suddenly dozens of young girls appeared.

His age had come to an end. Everyone’s faces were gleaming with extraordinary brilliance and there was a strange calmness, there “the girls’ expressions looked like they were waiting for someone to come. My guess was not wrong.

After a while, a sharp beam suddenly appeared there. That beam of light was amazing! The beam of light slowly started moving inside the ashram. The girls also started following him. When I asked that lama, he told that this self is the body. Such is the soul and bodies of yogis. These girls are yoga girls.

After many births of sadhana, he has attained this divine state. In yoga, this is called the Kaivalya state. All of them are also self-possessed body. But due to special occasions, they have created the physical body.

The yogic souls available to the self-body can create the physical body at any time they wish. This was the experience of the yogi who entered there. It is believed that all divine, high-ranking saints and yogis enter the Sangrila valley after living their age. We become able to enter Siddhashram / Sangrila Valley after Agni Tratak.


Friends, we have tried to give complete information about Shangri-La Ghati in this article. This post of ours ‘Shangri-La Ghati – A Mysterious Vally’, how did you like it, do comment and tell us so that we can bring information about more such amazing and wonderful things for you. Thank you.

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