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8 Famous Places to Visit in Morbi in Gujarat

Morbi in Gujarat

Morbi in Gujarat, also known as Morvi. Morvi is a famous city and a municipality in the Morbi district in Gujarat, located on the Kathiawar peninsula. Morbi City is situated on the Machu River, about 35 km from the sea and about 60 km from Rajkot.

Morbi is a ceramic city. Hence it is also called “Paris of Saurashtra“. It is the fastest developing business center of Gujarat state due to concrete, and mosaic tiles.

History of Morbi Gujarat

The name Morbi is actually an aberration form of Mornio itself. Morbi literally means the city of peacocks. Which was once in abundance in Bhuj. The name of this district is derived from Bhuj or Raja of Bhuj.

Morbi was a prosperous princely state. Before India became independent, this native state was under the authority of the East Kathiawar Subagency. On 15th February 1948, Morbi was merged with Saurashtra. Now this area is in the Gujarat state.

Morbi in Gujarat
Morbi in Gujarat

The ruler here was Padavi Thakur, who belonged to the Jadeja dynasty. He considered himself a descendant of Rao of Kutch. Padvi Thakur was given an 11-gun salute by the British on his arrival.

Mayurdhwaj was the king of Morbi City. Machhu Dam broke down in 1979 due to heavy rains. Due to this, there was a flood in Morbi in Gujarat, and Morbi became uninhabited. All the historical monuments of Morbi were destroyed by the floods. But even today, folk songs expressing the prediction of the great destruction that had to happen in Morbi can be heard by the barons of this state.

The city configuration of the present Morbi is the gift of “Vinyas Wagh Ji”. He ruled here from 1879 to 1948 AD. Wagh Ji ruled like a ruler, manager, and protector, always keeping the welfare of the common people in his mind and mind.

Sir Wagh Ji, like his other contemporary rulers, built roads and a seven-mile-long railroad connecting Wadhwad and Morbi. He also built two small ports Navlakha and Vavaniya to export salt and cloth.

The railway station of Morbi is a beautiful example of architectural style, in which a unique amalgamation of Indian and European architecture is seen. Apart from this, Morbi has once again established itself on tiles and watch-making factory strength.

Formation of Morbi District

Morbi district is a newly formed district of the Indian state of Gujarat along with several other new districts on 15 August 2013 on the 67th Independence Day of India.

Neighboring Districts of Morbi District

Morbi is bounded by Kutch district in the north, Surendranagar district in the east, Rajkot district in the south, Jamnagar district in the west, and the Arabian Sea in the northwest.

Tehsil Blocks and Sub-Divisions in Morbi District

The administrative divisions in Morbi district are taluks which are also called tehsils or sub-divisions. Which are 5 in the district- Morbi, Maliya, Tankara, Wankaner (earlier in Rajkot district), and Halvad (earlier in Surendranagar district). There are also 3 municipalities in the district. Morbi town is the administrative headquarters of the district.

Assembly and Lok Sabha seats in Morbi District

Morbi district has 3 assembly constituencies – Morbi, Tankara, and Wankaner.

Villages are there in the Morbi district

There are 78 villages under NIA Gram Panchayats in Morbi District.

Major Attractions of Morbi

The city is a wonderful blend of traditional and European styles of architecture. The city has three entrances. Of these three gates, the city center is easily accessible through Green Square, as the city was built on European-style lines.

The main attractions of Morbi are Hanging Bridge, Darbargarh, Mani Mandir, Willingdon Secretariat, Art Deco Palace, Green Chowk, Lakhdhirji Engineering College, and Darialal Water Resort.

Suspension Bridge

This Bridge built by the Morbi rulers is a living example of the advanced engineering of that time. The structure of this bridge is reminiscent of Victorian London.

Morbi Suspension Bridge
Morbi Suspension Bridge

The suspension bridge of this city is a living example of the technological progress and advanced engineering of that era. This bridge was built by the British during British rule. This Bridge is made of marble.

This swinging bridge was built on the basis of technology available in Europe at that time, with the aim of giving a distinct identity to the state of Morbi. This bridge is built on the Machhu river. It is 1.25 meters long and 233 meters wide. This bridge serves to connect Darbargarh Palace and Lakhdhirji Engineering College.

To the right of the bridge is the Darbargarh or the old palace with a beautiful front gate overlooking it which is currently converted into a heritage hotel.

On the other hand, there is Mani Mandir which is a temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, Maa Lakshmi where idols of Maa Lakshmi, Narayan, Mahakali, Ramachandra, and Lord Shiva are installed. This temple is made of Jaipuri stone and has a lot of carvings in Rajasthani style.


Darbadgarh Morbi in Gujarat
Darbadgarh Morbi in Gujarat

Darbargarh is situated on the banks of the Machu River which was the permanent residence of the Morbi rulers. To enter this palace, one had to cross the difficult path of arches built on the pillars in the outer part of the palace. Darbargarh has now been converted into a heritage hotel.

Mani Mandir

This temple named Mani Mandir is built in the verandah of the Willingdon Secretariat. It is a multi-religious temple that was built by the king of Morbi in memory of his queen, his queen’s name was Maharani Mani Ben.

Morbi Mani Mandir
Morbi Mani Mandir

The idols of Lakshmi Narayan, Mahakali, Ramchandraji, Radha-Krishnaji, and Lord Shiva are made in this temple. Mani Mandir is made of Jaipur stone, in which workmanship and carvings on brackets, jaali, chhatri, and shikhara have been done very beautifully. Kesar Bagh, which is on the opposite side of Mani Mandir, is also a good place to visit.

Willingdon Secretariat

willingdon Secretariat
Willingdon Secretariat Morbi in Gujarat

The Willingdon Secretariat, built in the late 20th century, is the best specimen of Rajput architectural workmanship. The influence of Rajasthani architecture is clearly visible in the Wellington Secretariat here.

Art deco palace

Art deco palace
Art deco palace Morbi in Gujarat

The Art Deco palace (1931-44 AD) remains in the Art Deco style. This style is a major feature of Europe. This building is made of granite stone. The construction of this palace is similar to that of Charles Holden’s underground station in London. This palace has 6 living rooms, 6 dining rooms, and 14 bedrooms. The pictures of love in the bedroom and bathroom are worth seeing.

Green Chowk

Green Chowk is a town square located in the heart of the city. It has three entrances. Inspired by the European principles of city building, this gateway is the landmark of the city. The Nehru Darwaza here is built in Rajput architecture without stones, with a clock tower in the middle. While the other doors are made of iron in the dome shape in the European architectural style.

Lakhdhirji Engineering College

Lakhdhirji Engineering College is located in Nazarbagh, the former residence of the rulers of Morbi.

Daryalal Water Resort

Dariyalal Water Resort is on the opposite side of the river. One can easily reach here by rickshaw. There are many factories for making tiles on the opposite side of the river. The world-famous Ajanta Quartz and Samay Quartz are located on Morbi Rajkot Road. It is the world’s largest watchmaker.

Nearby Tourist Places

  1. Dharangadhra (royal palace) 75 kms,
  2. Wadhawan (royal palace, market) 107 kms,
  3. Halvad (Ek- Dandiya Mahal, Jalawad Darshan, Wooden Palace and Memorial) 48 kms,
  4. Wankaner (Rajmahal Step Wall) 29 kms,
  5. Maliya (Rajmahal) 32 kms,
  6. Rajkot (Royal Architecture, Watson Museum, Rajkumar College, Ramakrishna Mission, Kaba Gandhi) 67 kms etc. There are many other major places of interest.

Morbi weather

The weather in Morbi is normal and it is visited by all seasons. Minimum 24 °C in summer and maximum 42 °C in winter minimum 10 °C maximum 24 °C.

Best time to visit Morbi

The best time to visit Morbi in the Indian state of Gujarat is January to April and June to December.

How to Reach Morbi


The nearest airport to Morbi is Ahmedabad airport which is situated at a distance of 67 km from Rajkot.

railroad track

The nearest railway station to Morbi is Wankaner which is built in European and Rajasthani styles. Wankaner (located at a distance of 27 km) is the nearest railway station.

by road

Gujarat Transport Corporation bus facility is also available for Morbi. Rajkot from Morbi is at a distance of 67 Km and Ahmedabad 247 Km.

local transport

Autorickshaws are available for Morbi without a meter. It takes just 2 hours to reach Morbi from Rajkot. There are two bus stands, which are known as new and old bus stands.


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