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what is bmi formula

BMI - Body Mass Index

BMI (Body Mass Index) meaning and definition?

Full-Form of BMI is Body Mass Index

BMI, ie Body Mass Index is a formula or calculator that tells whether a person’s body weight is correct according to his height.
The BMI of a normal human body should not exceed 22.1. Through BMI, it can be easily ascertain that the human body should have its weight according to the body.

What is a normal BMI?

BMI is prescribing separately for women and men and its percentage is 100% correct.
According to the Stander of the Indian Health Ministry, there are different categories of BMI …

Body Mass Index categories

Body Mass Index below 18.5 (less weight than normal)
BMI between 18.5 – 24.9 (normal)
Body Mass Index between 25 – 29.9 (heavier than normal)
BMI between 30 – 34.9 (obesity)
BMI between 35 – 39.9 (overweight)
>40 unhealthy and diseased (obesity)

By using body mass index, humans can control their body weight.

How is the BMI calculated?

Calculate BMI how?

How is (Body Mass Index) BMI calculated?

How to measure BMI?

You do not need any special equipment to measure your BMI or to go to any doctor. You can measure your BMI at home. For this, you must know the right weight and right length of your body. First of all, convert your length from feet to inches. After this, divide your weight by its length (which should be in inches), whatever result will result in your body mass index.

bmi of female

For example – A woman’s age is 30 years and her length: is 155cm [5 ft 1 inch (es)] and her weight: is 55.00 kg [121.25 lb], then her body mass index (BMI) would be 22.89.

What is the BMI formula?

Why BMI is important?

BMI is important so that we know how much weight we need according to our age and length and how healthy we are. We need a BMI test to keep our body healthy and its correct weight according to our age.

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