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Oatmeal (oats) are making you fat?

Many people believe that oatmeal (oats) are very beneficial for health. That is why they consume oats. Although there are many benefits of eating oatmeal (oats), if you are making some mistakes while eating them, then it can prove to be harmful to you. oatmeal (oats) is known as a healthy food because it eliminates the bad cholesterol in our…

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True Love
Health care

what are signs of true love relationship?

What are the signs of true love-There are some signs of true love in a relationship. Friends, it is true that life is incomplete without love. There is no shortage in life if true love is mixed with life for a lifetime. Life becomes so beautiful after meeting with true love that life looks like heaven to us. But in…

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BMI - Body Mass Index
Health and Fitness

what is bmi formula

BMI (Body Mass Index) meaning and definition? Full-Form of BMI is Body Mass Index BMI, ie Body Mass Index is a formula or calculator that tells whether a person’s body weight is correct according to his height.The BMI of a normal human body should not exceed 22.1. Through BMI, it can be easily ascertain that the human body should have…

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Tips to weight loss or lose weight fast
Health and Fitness

Tips To Reduce Weight or lose weight Fast

People suggest more than Tips To Reduce Weight or Lose Weight Fast. However, weight reduction is not a child’s play according to people’s tips or diet-plan suggestive. In reality, everyone knows that weight loss is indeed a challenging task. Before starting the reduce weight or lose weight activity, it is very important for you to know whether your weight is…

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