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Coffee: History & Origin, Types


It is usually a hot beverage that is made by frying the red-colored berry seeds in the coffee tree. It contains an element called caffeine.
Its birthplace is the hills of Yemen and Ethiopia which are situated at the southern end of the Red Sea. It is said that its first sip was first taken by a shepherd in the Ethiopian plateau.

History and Origin

The term is derived from the Kafa region of Ethiopia. It’s a dark-colored hot beverage. It began after the fifteenth century and was added to the English-language dictionary in 1572. It was also spotted and found in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, in addition to Ethiopia.

Types of coffees

It is prepared in different ways in different cities and towns of the world. It gets many forms from the ingredients that are added to the coffee and the way it is prepared. The ingredients added to it completely change its flavor and aromas.

There are many types of world famous coffees, some of which are as follows: –


Espresso is also known as Black Coffee. It is considered a pure form of it. Espresso is used in all types of coffee in the world. Espresso is the hardest and best-selling in the world. To make espresso, you have to mix sugar in three or four teaspoons of espresso powder in 35 ml of warm water.

Espresso Macchiato

It is a form of espresso. It is prepared by mixing milk tempered in expresses. Milk is simply added to it by foamed machines, which changes its test. It is completely filled with milk foam. This coffee is perfect for people who are not fond of drinking dark coffee.


It is a type of creamy coffee. To prepare it, one has to pour 50ml milk in 25ml espresso and then 25ml milk foam is applied over it. All three mixes are prepared using a limited amount to make latte coffee. You can also add sugar to it.


Both Capuccino and Latte are made in the same way. The only difference between the two is that if the latte is light then the Capuccino is 1 strong coffee. In which the quantity of milk is less and the quantity of milk in the latte is more than half and it is made creamy and light.


It is the most widely consumed coffee in the world. In this, the amount of hot water instead of milk is more. The entire cup is filled with water by adding warm water to 35ml espresso. Also you can add sugar to it.

Mocha Chino

Mocha chinos are also prepared like latte and cappuccino. Moka chinos are prepared like cappuccinos and a little chocolate syrup is poured over them. Also, it is garnished using whipped cream. Its bitter and sweet chocolate flavor will make your coffee drinking experience memorable.


This Irish coffee found in every corner of the world is one of the famous coffee. It is prepared using whiskey, expresses and sugar. Due to alcohol, you cannot drink it daily. You cannot find it at the nearest coffee shop. It is usually served in a cocktail glass.

Indian Filter

It’s made by grinding the dry leaves of coffee. It’s found in some areas of South India. It is also prepared by mixing milk and sugar like other coffee. It is sweeter than other coffees.


Firstly the dried beans of Turkish coffee are grinded and made into powder. A solution is prepared by mixing this powder in warm water. Later this dissolved paste is boiled. After boiling, all its water is dried and the powder remains. Finally, the flavor is added to it. Due to its fourth layer, thick and creamy, it is famous all over the world.


This coffee is considered to be from Malaysia. Coffee beans are roasted in palm oil to make this. To enhance the taste, milk and sugar are added to it.

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