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Diabetes-Symptoms of diabetes. How to prevent diabetes…


Diabetes, which we know from Madhumeh in the Hindi language. It is not an immediate disease. The first stage of the disease is prediabetes. Prediabetes has a high blood sugar level but not so high that prediabetes cannot be diagnosed. Prediabetes gradually turns into a disease like diabetes.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), today millions of people in the world suffer from these diseases. Also, India is known as the capital of diabetes. The main reason for this is that people do not pay proper attention to food and consume unnecessary things.

How is diabetes?

When our body’s pancreas (insulin) starts producing or reducing the production of insulin, then the level of glucose in our blood starts to rise. In this situation, if this level is not controlled, then it becomes sugar.

To avoid falling prey to this disease and reduce its risk, you have to pay special attention to your food and drink.

Avoiding sugar and refined carbohydrate foods

To avoid it, you should reduce the amount of sugar and refined carbohydrate foods in your diet. If you have this disease, then stop consuming these things completely. A refined carbohydrate diet and a high intake of sugar help in increasing the blood sugar and insulin levels in our body which gradually increase over time and turn into Madhumeh. Examples of refined carbohydrates are white bread, ingredients, potato chips, and all-purpose foods.

Salmon food usage

Salmon is the name of a fish. To avoid it, doctors will also advise you to eat a meal made from salmon fish and salmon. It is a non-orange orange food. Madhumeh type-1 and type-2 can be prevented by consuming it. Apart from this, it contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are also very beneficial for heart health.

Quit smoking

Smoking helps in increasing the level of insulin in our body which can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Quit smoking if you are a tobacco user.

Intake of garlic

Consuming garlic is very beneficial for health. That is why it is use a lot in our Indian food. Even many people like to eat it raw. Garlic has the special properties of reducing inflammation, blood sugar, blood pressure, and bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol).

Intake of curd

According to scientific research, yogurt has the property of lowering blood sugar and protecting against heart diseases. The probiotics in it are very helpful in protecting from serious diseases like Madhumeh.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can prove to be very helpful in protecting against diseases like Madhumeh. It has the ability to control blood sugar levels and insulin levels very quickly. According to scientific research, consuming two teaspoons of apple vinegar daily can actively help in preventing diabetes.

Eat plenty of fiber

A rich intake of fiber helps in keeping the stomach health right and controlling weight. Including a good fiber source in your diet can help prevent spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels. This may help reduce the increased risk of Madhumeh.

Difference between Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2: Sugar disease is of two types.

Type-1 diabetes
Diabetes caused by hereditary and genetic causes is called type-1 diabetes.

Type-2 diabetes
This disease that occurs in people due to the wrong lifestyle is called type-2 diabetes.

What is type 1 diabetes?

According to Mumbai-based diabetologist Dr. Pradeep Gadge, “This condition is a common problem among young children and young people, also known as juvenile diabetes.”
In diabetes type-1, some cells of our body inhibit the production of insulin by attacking the beta cells of our pancreas as an enemy. Beta cells produce insulin hormones in the body. Insulin is not produced in sufficient quantity when beta cells are damaged in the pancreas. Due to this the level of glucose in our blood and urine starts increasing.

Who is at risk for type 1 diabetes?

According to the researchers, some groups have been identified that are more at risk of type 1 diabetes than others, such as:

Children whose parents both suffer from diabetes.
The Children whose mother is suffering from gestation diabetes.
Children who have undergone pancreas infection, injury, or trauma.
People living in very cold regions.

What are the disadvantages of type 1 diabetes?

Increased level of glucose in the blood causes damage to vital organs of the body. If this situation is not control in time, then the risk of these problems increases, such as-

Having a heart attack.
The blurring of the eye.
Damage to nerves.
Having serious infections.
Kidney failure.

Can diabetes be caused by birth?

Type-1 diabetes is also seen from birth in children whose parents are suffering from hereditary diabetes. In this condition of type-1 diabetes, insulin is not produced in the body at all. In type-1 diabetes, the pancreas (pancreatic) stops producing insulin due to hereditary reasons, which is an autoimmune disorder.

What is the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes?

Glucose testing

In this type of testing, at a particular time of day, a blood sample is take from the body to check the level of glucose present in it. There may be a risk of diabetes if glucose level readings are 200 mg / dL or more.

Postprandial plasma glucose test

You have to get this test done when the blood glucose level reading in your blood test is very high. You are advise to take about 75 grams of glucose for the post-prandial plasma glucose test 2 hours after the blood test. This test objective is to test the body’s ability to tolerate glucose. Diabetes is confirm if the reading is more than 200mg/dl.

A1C test

In addition to glucose testing and post-prandial plasma glucose test, it is also said to undergo A1C test. Through this test, the average blood glucose level of the last 3 months is known. The readings of this test are as follows:

Normal: Less than 5.7%
Prediabetes: A1C can contain from 5.7 to 6.4%.
Diabetes: 6.5% or more

Treatment of type 1 diabetes

If you are a victim of type 1 diabetes, you will need to regularly check the level of glucose in your blood. The purpose of checking glucose levels is to find out how much insulin your body needs. Taking insulin shots is mandatory for patients with type 1 diabetes. However, insulin pumps are also use instead of injections. Currently, there are many types of insulin available in the market viz…

Rapid-acting Insulin: Its effect starts in 15 minutes and lasts for 2-4 hours.

Short-acting Insulin: Its effect lasts for 3-6 hours.

Intermediate-acting Insulin: This insulin is inject intravenously 2–4 hours before peak time and its effect lasts for 12 to 18 hours.

Long-acting Insulin: Its effect lasts for 24 hours.

What should be the type 1 diabetes diet?

Your blood sugar level decreases and increases depending on the food you eat. Therefore, to maintain diabetes management, balance amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats should be consume. Also, take special care of these things-

Drink 25-30 grams of fiber daily.

Choose the right amount of carbohydrates and avoid eating unhealthy carbs.

Do not consume unhealthy fats.

Apart from this, a proper and balance diet plan should be make for yourself after consulting your doctors. Also include these superfoods in your diet –

Green leafy vegetables
Citrus fruit
Sweet potato
Fish with omega-3 fatty acids
whole grains
The nuts
Fat-free yogurt and milk

What is type 2 diabetes?

Misdiagnosed diabetes falls under the type 2 diabetes category. In this, the pancreas is unable to produce sufficient amounts of insulin, or the insulin that is being produce is not functioning effectively.

How is type 2 diabetes?

It is a condition that develops over a period of years i.e. type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition. In this, the body becomes resistant to insulin, allowing the pancreas to work harder to produce more insulin so that it can process the glucose in your bloodstream.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes?

Symptoms of type 2 Madhumeh develop slowly over time.

  • Increase in thirst and hunger,
  • Frequent urination,
  • Losing weight,
  • Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)
  • Blurred vision or loss of vision
  • Headache
  • obesity
  • Slow healing of infections and wounds
  • Numbness and tingling of hands and feet
  • Darkening of the skin of the neck, armpits, and groin
  • Numbness and tingling of hands and feet
  • Erectile dysfunction (impotence)

Is diabetes caused by type-2?

Our main reason for having type-2 diabetes is our poor diet and physical activity. In this situation, the pancreas does not produce any insulin or produces very little insulin, so our body is not able to respond properly to insulin which makes the body “insulin resistant”. At the same time, the body suffers from too much fat and high BP. Also, not sleeping on time, sleeping till late in the morning, drinking too much alcohol and smoking, etc. are also due to diabetes type-2.

Once a person has the disease of sugar, it can only be control, it cannot be eradicate. Therefore, it is better for us that before we suffer from this disease, stay as aware as we can.

The purpose of our articles is to give you information only, not to recommend any kind of medicine, treatment. If you are struggling with any kind of problem, then see your doctor and get counseling. There is no mentor more than a doctor.

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