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what is junk food? – Introduction and Definition

The term junk food was first used in 1972. Nowadays the prevalence of junk food is increasing very fast, which is very harmful to our health. Nowadays, from children to elders, junk food remains a favorite of all. Therefore all children and elders must know about it.

Fast food is becoming an important part of our life in this era of modernity. Since junk foods are good in taste and are easily preferred in short duration due to easy cooking. Constipation and other digestive diseases are the main causes of low nutritional value in it.

Nowadays, due to people not having full time to cook at home due to their busy routine or due to ignorance in cooking, they have become completely dependent on it which is already manufactured in the market and packed in polythene market.

These are very beautiful or attractive in food packing and as delicious as they seem to be in food, they are actually opposite in quality and equally harmful for health.

Definition of junk food?

Junk food literally means an empty calorie food rich in fat, salinity, sugar, and bad cholesterol.

The consequences of eating junk food

Junk food made in a short time has a fewer amount of nutrients. Which is not good at all for our health. it invites many diseases due to low levels of nutrients and high levels of fat, salinity, sugar, and bad cholesterol.

Their regular intake causes weight gain, obesity, typhoid, constipation, heart disease, malnutrition, cancer, breast cancer, hypertension, high blood pressure, bone problems, diabetes (diabetes), mental diseases, digestive system problems, liver-related problems, hormones The chances of getting many diseases like imbalance, etc. increases.

Junk foods are many times more harmful than we think because they are very oily and are rich in fat, salinity, sugar, and bad cholesterol.

Because of this, they require a lot of energy to digest and reduce the level of oxygen in a person’s body, due to which our brain does not develop properly at the right time.

High levels of carbohydrates are found in junk food, which rapidly increases the level of sugar in the blood. If a person consumes more junk food, then there is a higher risk of weight gain, which makes the person lazy.

The conclusion

Food plays an important role in cell formation in our body. The cells of the body are fully responsible for the proper functioning and development of our body. We get adequate nutrition only from what we eat and drink.
It has been proved by many researchers that the youthful stage is a condition in which a person should eat healthy food for good health.

The young state is a very sensitive state because during this age the person moves towards the adult age group due to which many changes take place in the body.

Therefore, we should consume it in the least amount and if possible, we should not consume it at all and make our life healthy and safe.

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