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Govardhan Parikrma Marg – Uttar Pradesh

Govardhan Parikrma Marg

Govardhan Parikrma Marg – Uttar Pradesh – Giriraj i.e. Govardhan is considered to be the center of faith of the devotees. Here Millions of devotees from all over the country and abroad keep coming to Vrindavan for the circumambulation of Govardhan throughout the year. This Govardhan parikrama (Govardhan Parikrma Route) is about 7 kos (21 km). The sequence of devotees coming to Vrindavan continues 365 days a year. Whether it is scorching sun, it is freezing cold, or even if it is raining heavily. The people who come for the circumambulation of Govardhan are not afraid of any obstacle.

Govardhan Dham

Govardhan Dham

This Govardhan pilgrimage site is located in the Mathura district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The Govardhan Parvat (Govardhan Parvat Vrindavan) is also known as The Giriraj Ji. It is the sacred center of Braj and is recognized as the natural form of Lord Krishna himself. This mountain is made of small sandstone, whose length is 8 km. It takes about 5 to 6 hours to complete this circumambulation. During its circumambulation, a part of 7 km comes in Rajasthan and the rest is in Uttar Pradesh.

It is said that both the journey of Charo Dham and the circumambulation of 21 km of Giriraj mountain are considered equal. Those who want to get the devotion of Radha Krishna’s love and the dust of his feet must come to Vrindavan and do the Govardhan Parikrama of Giriraj Ji. By doing Govardhan Puja and Parikrama, the human body gets the devotion of Radhe Shyam.

In Vrindavan, there are traces of the feet of Lord Shri Krishna and Radha Maiya in the footsteps of the Govardhan Parikrma Marg (Govardhan Parikrma Route) and many such mysterious signs are present whose mere sight makes life blessed.

Division of Govardhan Parvat Vrindavan

Let us tell you that Govardhan Parikrama (Govardhan Parvat Vrindavan) is divided into two parts. Any devotee can do Govardhan Giriraj Ji Parikrama at his convenience.

The first circumambulation is known as the small parikrama and the second parikrama is known as the big parikrama. The smaller circumambulation is about 3 kos (9 km) and the larger circumambulation is about 4 kos (12 km).

Govardhan village lies in the middle of Govardhan Parikrama (Govardhan Parikrma Marg / Govardhan Parikrma Route). Radhakund village is situated in its north direction and Puchhri and Jatipura villages are in the south. The circumambulation of going back to Govardhan from the Govardhan Dan valley via Anyur, Askari, Jatipura is called a big parikrama.

During doing the Big Govardhan parikrama Radharani Padmini, Dani Raja Temple, Papmochan Kund, Chandra Sarovar, Gopal Raj Temple, Govind Kund, Narasimha Temple, Indra Kund, Airavat Kund, Gulal Kund, Lakshmi-Narayan Temple, Iskcon Temple, Danivaran Kund, during the great circumambulation of Govardhan Famous places like Gauri Kund, Sanskar Kund, Nipa Kund, Puchari Lota Temple, Surabhi Kund, Dandvat Shila, etc. are comes.

Then the circumambulation from Govardhan to Uddhav Kund, Radhakund, Kusum Sarovar, and back to Govardhan is called a small parikrama.

During doing the little Govardhan parikrama Shyam Kund, Kusum Sarovar, Lalita Kund, Uddhav Temple, Narad Kund, Ashoka Van, Ratna Kund, Kilola Kund, Jugal Kund, Panch Tirtha Kund, Kakaleshwar Temple, Mukhravind Temple, Mansi Ganga, Radha Kund, during the small circumambulation of Govardhan Famous places like Brahma Kund, Haridev Temple, Giriraj Temple, etc. are comes.

Story of Govardhan Parvat Parikrma

Govardhan Parikrma Marg

Out of the story of Govardhan Parvat, 2 stories are very interesting.

According to the first story, the people of Gokul used to think that Devraj Indra rain on the earth. So the residents of Gokul used to worship Lord Indra a lot to please him. So that the grace of Indra Dev remains on Gokul and he does not make heavy rain in Gokul.

On this, once Shri Krishna explained to the people of Gokul that do not waste your time worshiping Indradev. It is better to worship cow and buffalo than to worship Indra. She gives you milk. These animals deserve respect.

Because the people of Gokul believed in the words of Shri Krishna. So he started giving respect to animals instead of Indradev. When Indradev saw that no one was worshiping him anymore, he was stunned by this humiliation. Indra dev became furious and decided to teach a lesson to the people of Gokul. Lord Indra ordered the clouds to keep raining on the city of Gokul till it was drowned. On receiving the orders of Indra, clouds started raining on the city of Gokul. Indra got angry and troubled the people of Braj so much that he submerged the entire Braj Mandal.

Never had it rained so much in Gokul Nagar. Water started appearing all around. The whole city was submerged. The people of Gokul got scared and approached Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna ordered all the Gokul residents to follow him. The Gokul people followed Shri Krishna with their cows and buffaloes. Shri Krishna reached the mountain named Govardhan. Then, to break the pride of Indra, Shri Krishna lifted the entire mountain with the smallest finger of his hand and gave shelter to all the Braj residents under the Govardhan mountain. Seeing this miracle of Shri Krishna, Lord Indra also got scared. He stopped raining. In this way, Shri Krishna saved the lives of the Gokul residents with his power.

According to another legend, before taking birth as Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu tells Goddess Lakshmi that the time has come to incarnate on earth. Then Mother Lakshmi Ji tells Lord Vishnu that in the place where there is no Giriraj i.e. Govardhan, Yamuna, and Vrindavan, our mind will remain disturbed. Then the Lord manifested Govardhan mountain, Yamuna river, and Vrindavan in the earth world.

The secret of decreasing the height of Govardhan Parvat

This is the same mountain which used to be 30 thousand meters high 5000 years ago. Today its height is only 25-30 meters. There is also an interesting story behind its daily occurrence.

According to a religious legend, Govardhan (Giriraj Parvat) was the son of Dronachal. Once when Sage Pulastya was passing near Giriraj mountain. Then he liked the beauty of this mountain very much. Sage Pulastya requested Dronachal that I live in Kashi and you give my son Govardhan to me. I want to install it in Kashi. Although Govardhan told the saint I am ready to go with you but you have to give a promise. Wherever you keep me, I will be established there. Pulastya made a promise. Govardhan said that I am two yojanas high and five yojanas wide, how will you take me to Kashi. Pulastya replied I will take you on the palm through Tapobal. When Brijdham came on the way, Govardhan remembered that Lord Krishna was doing Leela in his childhood. The Govardhan mountain gradually started increasing its weight on Pulastya’s hand, due to which his penance started getting disturbed. Sage Pulastya kept the Govardhan mountain there and broke the promise. After this Sage Pulastya tried many times to lift the mountain, but he could not even move it. Then sage Pulastya came in anger and cursed Govardhan that your giant stature will keep decreasing every day. It is said that since then the height of Govardhan mountain is decreasing.

Govardhan Parikrama Important Information

Goverdhan Parvat

• Location: Govardhan Hill, Ayur, Uttar Pradesh 281502

• Nearest Highway: Located at a distance of 23 km to the west of Mathura Road (Highway) and Mathura Road.

• Nearest Railway Station: Mathura Railway Junction

• Nearest airport: Indra Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi (147 km from Mathura.)

• Do you know: Lord Krishna placed the Govardhan hill on his little finger to save the city from the wrath of the rain god Indra.

Govardhan Parikrama Distance: Govardhan Parikrma Total Distance is 21 kms.

• Tithi: From Ekadashi to the full moon of Shukla Paksha every month. Govardhan Puja, Guru Purnima and Sawan Month.

Why Govardhan Parikrama is done?

By circumambulating the Govardhan mountain, one gets the desired results. Also one gets the good fortune of attaining the ultimate goal of life, the ultimate power, desire, and the dust of the feet of Lord Shri Krishna and Radha Rani.

Govardhan Puja means worship of the cow. So it gives us a clear message that how important is the service of Hinduism.

Thus the glory of Govardhan is infinite. Lord Krishna plays his flute only in Vrindavan and nowhere else.

Govardhan Parikrama Rules

  • According to the rules of weapons, circumambulation is done on foot and on bare feet. But vehicles can be used for disabled persons.
  • At the time of starting and ending the circumambulation, worship of your favorite deity, worship of Brahmins, Vaishnavs, and food and charity should be given.
  • Before starting the parikrama, start by worshiping in any one of the temples on the parikrama route and when you finish it, then come back to the same temple.
  • The circumambulation should be started by doing pranam and ending only by doing pranam. The circumambulation has to be finished from where the circumambulation has been lifted.
  • You can start the parikrama from anywhere you want. Most people start the parikrama with Dan Ghati.
  • Shree Govardhan should not be climb on the mountain. Because according to the scriptures, Shri Govardhan Sila is an integral form of Shri Krishna. Climbing the mountain denies the honor of God.
  • Keeping Shri Govardhan on the right-hand side one should circumambulate. That is why one should never spit, defecate and do Urine-pass on the right side of Shri Govardhan.
  • One should not wash feet in the ponds and lakes (Mansi Ganga, Shri Radha Kund, Shyamkund, Govindkund, etc.) while doing the circumambulation. For washing hands and feet, there is a system of taps and wells on the banks of the pool and the lake itself.
  • Only bathing or Achaman can be done in the pool.
  • Do not apply soap, wash clothes, apply oil, etc. while bathing in the pond or lake.
  • In the parikrama, it is forbidden to sit and lie down with the back and legs extended towards Shri Giriraj Maharaj.
  • As far as possible, renouncing worldly things, one should circumambulate while chanting Harinam and Bhajan in a pure state and chanting Radhe Radhe raining Radhe with full devotion.
  • No creature should be hurt while giving parikrama.
  • Continuous current should be given while circumambulating (through) the milk stream.

Rules of Dandvat Parikrama

These eight limbs should be in contact with the earth and Sri Bhagavan in dandavat (sastang) pranam. Both arms, both feet, both knees, chest, brain, the vision of God in the eyes, with the mind (Dhyana), and with the speech “O Lord” I am in the shelter of You, protect me. In this way, there is a rule of worshiping the eight parts of the body by meditating on the Lord.

After each one of the obeisances, one should get up completely and offer obeisances.

Those (persons) who go on worshiping at one place, one, ten, fifty, so, thousand at one such place. They should be worshiped the same way. The count should not be less or more.

Kund and philosophical sites falling on Govardhan Parikrma Marg


There are many ponds and philosophical places in Govardhan Parikrama Marg. Radha Rani Charnamrit Kund, Charnamrit Kund, Dani Uttar Kund, Kashni Kund, Sankarshan Kund, Govind Kund, Apsara Kund, Airavat Kund, Harji Kund, Rudra Kund, Uddhav Kund, Brahmacharyamaya Kund, Radha Kund, Krishna Kund, Kusum Sarovar, Narad Kund, Shyam Kutir, Gwal Pokhara, Mansi Ganga, etc. According to the belief of the scriptures and according to the statements of the people of Braj, there are 108 kunds in Shri Govardhan Parikrama Marg.

While walking on the parikrama route, you will find many places in Radha-Krishna, the main ones being – Dan Ghati, Mansi Ganga, Abhay Chakraswar Temple, Surabhi Kund, Kushum Sarovar, Askari Ka Lota, Jatipura, Radha Kund, Govind Kund, Sankarshan Kund, and Gaurikund. Everyone has their own importance.

There are 250 lakes in the entire Braj Mandal of Chaurasi Kos, which are associated with the pastimes of Radha-Krishna. When you circumambulate the Govardhan mountain, on the way to the Parikrama route, you will get a supernatural view of the temples built in many lakes, some of which are prominent-

  1. • Surbhi Kund
  2. • Gaurikund
  3. • Govind Kundi
  4. • Radha Kund
  5. • Uddhav Kund
  6. • Lalita Kund

Let us know about the major places coming in the Govardhan Parikrama Marg

Govardhan parikrama places

1. Mukharvind

The first place you have to visit before starting the Govardhan Parikrama is called Mukharvind. Here we take permission of Shri Girirajji for parikrama and offer milk to him which is called Giriraj Puja. Here permission is sought to see the temple situated on the top of Govardhan Parvat. Jagadguru Shri Vallabhacharya Ji, the founder of Pushtimarg started this place.

Remember to start the Parikrama early in the morning as it will be difficult to complete it when the Sun is hot while doing the Parikrama.

There are three types of circumambulation: 5 koshas (1 kosha = 3 km), 7 koshas, ​​9 koshas.

You can choose any of these options

1) circumambulate

2) Milk Parikrama

3) Dandvati Parikrama

2. Daan Ghati

Govardhan Parikrma Marg

In Danghati, Shyamsundara used to take donations of milk and curd from the gopis and their childhood friends. This place is very beautiful in Krishna Leela.

At the main entrance of this temple, Lord Krishna is seen lifting a mountain with his little finger. Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain in his little finger at the age of 7 days, 7 years, and 7 nights.

Donations were taken from the gopis only in the sense that if all the milk and curd were taken from Kansh’s place, then his soldiers would become a little more powerful and the people of Braj would remain weak. When the time of war comes, the soldiers of Braj Mandal will become a little weak.

3. Mansi Ganga Govardhan (Mansi Ganga)

Credit to

The water of all the pilgrimages of the Mansi Ganga of Hinduism is present in this pool. Where Lord Krishna used to enjoy boating with Radha Rani. All the devotees who come here to visit Govardhan definitely enjoy boating in this Mansi Ganga.

It is situated 3 km away from Mansi Ganga Govardhan Parvat. It is such a belief about Mansi Ganga that once Kansh had sent a demon named Batasasur to kill Lord Krishna. Then he joined Krishna’s cow group in the form of a demon calf. But Kanhaiya recognized him and killed him.

Then Radha Rani told him that you have killed the cow. To get rid of your sins, you have to undertake a pilgrimage. Then Krishna made a pool with his flute and prayed to all the pilgrimages that the water of all the pilgrimages should be mixed in this pool.

Lord Krishna got freedom from cow slaughter by bathing in this pool. Since then it is believed that the water of all the pilgrimages is present in this pool.

It is also believed that the Mansi Ganga is filled with milk instead of water and if one takes a holy bath every day for six months, it appears to him in the form of milk.

One of the divine meeting places of Shri Vallabhacharya Ji is situated on the holy ghat of Mansi Ganga and that ghat is also known as Vallabh Ghat.

This mysterious, sacred, and auspicious Mansi Ganga Kund still exists in Braj and takes hardly 6 minutes to reach there. Once you reach there, you can also visit the temple of Mansi Devi- one of the four main deities. The other three are Vrinda Devi, Yogmaya Devi, and Pataleshwari Devi.

4. Radha-Krishna Kund (Radha Kund Govardhan)

Govardhan parvat
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Radha Krishna Kund is one of the serene and green places with captivating history. The kund can be easily identified by its shape as Radhaji’s kund is in perfect shape and Krishna’s kund shape is zig-zag like his mischievous character!

This kund was built by Radha Rani with her bracelet. This place is the best in the whole universe and the whole creation because this place always yearns for the nectar of love of Shri Krishna.

It is believed that the devotee who takes a bath in this pool on the day of Ah Asthmi, gets the devotion of Radha Rani.

One can see Shyam Kund situated near this pool.

Radha Kund and Shyam Kund have their own distinct characteristics. when looking at Shyam Kund from a distance, its water is visible in Shyam color while the white clear water of Radha Kund is visible.

5. Kusum Sarovar

Kusum Sarovar
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Kusum Sarovar place is situated between Radha Kund and Govardhan Hill. Kushum Sarovar where the beautiful pastimes of Lord Shri Krishna and Radha Rani have taken place.

This is the holy place of Dwapar Yuga where Krishna and Radha Rani used to meet secretly. According to mythology, earlier the name of this place used to be Kushum Van.

Kushum Sarovar is situated at a distance of 2 kms from Radha Kund and 5 kms from Govardhan. This place is five thousand years old. There is a very beautiful description in the mythology about this place.

It is said that Krishna used to play hide and seek here with his mischievous friends. Shri Radha Rani used to come here to pluck flowers with the intention of meeting Krishna secretly.

There is a beautiful chhatriya around Kushum Sarovar, which is about 350 years old today. They were built by Raja Jwar Singh in 1675. Later it was renovated by Raja Vir Singh Ji of Orchha, Madhya Pradesh.

6. Abhay Chakraeshwara Temple

 It is a Shiva temple that has 5 Shivling in the shape of a wheel.

It is said that when Lord Krishna was carrying the Govardhan mountain in his little finger, the weight of his feet was so much that his feet started sinking into the earth. Due to the foot sinking into the earth, a crater was formed there and a huge amount of water got accumulated there. Then Shiva appeared in the form of a chakra to draw water from the pit.

7. Surbhi Kundi

There is a beautiful Kundeshwar in the Parikrama Marg which is known as Surbhi Kund. This is the place where the divine cow Surabhi appeared to give milk to anoint Indra.

8. Jatipura (Giriraj Indra Maan Bhang Pooja Mukharvind)

Jatipura, is believed to be the face of Lord Krishna. Great importance has been given to the offerings of this temple during the parikrama. It is said about this place that Shri Krishna and his elder brother Balarama are seen in the mouth of Lord Giriraj. That’s why Chappan Bhoj is organized here.

9. Punchari ka Lota

It is said to be obligatory to circumambulate the “Punchari ka Lota” falling in the parikrama path. Because by coming here it is confirmed that you are circumambulating.

It is such a belief of this temple that when Lord Krishna was leaving Braj and going to Dwarka. Then all the Brajwasis were going to drop him to Dwarka. One of them was his childhood friend “Poonchhri ka Lota” who became very emotional.

Then God promised him that I would come back after 2 days. Since then this friend of his has been sitting here waiting for the return of Krishna.

There is another belief about this that when Krishna used to come here to graze his cows, Hanuman Ji used to play with him in the form of a monkey. Krishna, Hanuman, and their cows used to play among themselves. Due to this their relationship with each other got better. So Lord Shri Krishna Ji once told him that you will be a witness to the devotee who circumambulates Govardhan in Kali Yuga.

10. Radha Krishna Charan Temple

The footprints of Radha Rani and Shri Krishna can be seen in this Charan temple, which is on the way to the Parikrama Marg. Here you can stop and pray.

11. Govind Kundi

This stop of the fourteenth Kos Parikrama, Govind Kund is the same place where Lord Indra had consecrated Krishna Ji by taking water from the 7 Ganges and 7 oceans.

12. Indra Kund

This is the same lake where Lord Indra stood and prayed to Lord Krishna and sanctified him.

Best time for Govardhan Parikrama

Govardhan Parikrma Timing – By the way, devotees come here throughout the year for the circumambulation of Govardhan Uttar Pradesh. From Ekadashi to the whole moon night of the Shukla Paksha every month, the number of parikramarthi is in lakhs. And the figure of devotees coming here on Guru Purnima and Govardhan Puja on the next day of Diwali cannot be counted.

Usually, visitors circumambulate barefoot. Hence it can be done during day time from December to March and April to November at night (Govardhan Parikrma in Night). In Uttar Pradesh, the temperature remains high during the summer.

where to stay

There is no shortage of hotels and Dharamshalas etc. in the Govardhan area. You can stay in hotels and Dharamshala at your convenience.

Govardhan Parikrama Distance

The entire Govardhan Parikrama is about 23 km (Govardhan Parikrma Total Distance). It usually takes 5-6 hours to complete the parikrama.

How to reach Govardhan?

Govardhan is situated at a distance of just 20 km from Mathura city. From Mathura, you can reach here by jeep or bus, etc. Trains are available for Mathura from almost all parts of the country.

Govardhan Parikrma Open or Not 2022

If U are planning to go to Govardhan Parikrma Today, this is Open to all devotees.


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